Thursday, 9 August 2007

Our Plan

hubby and I had been making plans, for our children.

although our current maid still have another year plus to serve her contract, we foresee that she might not live up to the 2yrs contract. and, though we don’t think we can afford to burn more holes into our pocket for new maid fees, we may not be able to hold our patience with her anymore. I have this feeling that she might want to leave after 1 year of service, which means that she’ll breach her contract and if we let her go we’d be the one yang rugi. even if we deducted the money that she owe us, that would not be enough to cover the cost I had to spend to bring her here. that money would not be enough to spend on new maid. sungguh menyakitkan hati. how come having a maid becomes a burden to the employer? when the maid is supposedly to ease our burden, help us to take care of the children, take care of the house while we’re out cari makan. in return we provide them tempat tinggal, food as much as she want/can eat, we pay them for doing all that.

okay back to our plan. we plan to get a local maid, it is if it can be arrange by my auntie, which during our trip to KT nanti, I’d discuss this matter further with her. I know the chances are very slim, as what my mum said. but why not to give it a try.

we also plan to stop sending fahmi to tumble tots. I can’t see much progress from the classes he attended. maybe it’s due to the language factor. who can I blame? me and hubby don’t speak English at home, we don’t speak English with the children. so their English vocab is very limited. we thought that by putting him to an English spoken environment he’d be able to pick up the language and finally speak the language. cerdik sangat mama fahmi ni… so we now thought of sending him to smart reader instead. let him learn to speak, read and write in English the proper way.

for his social development we plan to send both fahmi & yaya to a nursery. this arrangement would not be on a daily basis. they’d be sent off to the nursery for 3 days in a week. hubby fall in love with this nursery. thanks to sally, her testimonial caught hubby’s attention. which I think not a bad idea. the kids would enjoy the company of other children. i’m only worried of yaya, she’s a bit bekeng kata orang ganu. I hope she wouldn’t bite other children’s cheek.

I definitely need to pay a visit to the smart reader centre nearby our place. Most important thing I need to confirm is whether they do organize weekend classes or not. If fahmi have to attend the daily classes, there might be a problem. Unless if they provide pick up service.

So when can we start?

1. by the end of this month fahmi may not need to attend tumble tots classes anymore. the fees been paid up to the end of august.
2. which means I have to pay a visit to smart reader centre asap!
3. however, local maid arrangement will have to wait until after … we found one, of course!
4. after that we can ferry bibik home. Am I ruthless?


eiseai said...

aik?? u sending to same place as my boys ke? hehehehe...i think sure same class with amir. alaaa...if sent earlier dpt lah yaya souveniour from ozzie.

oit...jgn le bekeng2 ngan anak aku yg lembik tu ye??

liza said...

my fren his mothers ada maid company.. nak try???

liza said...

erk.. sorry.. typo error.. his mother.. hehehe

azie said...

hey me too dah plan to sent dania to smart reader..but yg frustnye dlm our area xde..yang ada at sg long...
have u heard tadika krista?byk jugak outlet..that one english medium..another one is yg ni x femes but i love their uniform reminds me when i was in the kindergarten..:D

Liasari said...

sally : huhu dah warn yaya siap2 jgn gigit anak org... kang kena buang school... hahaha

liza : kekdg mcm dah putus harap jer dgn maid indon ni... i'll keep it in mind to look 4 ur contact klu nak ambil maid indon lg, tq

azie :sg long x jauh kan dgn ur place. kat my place ada 2 smart reader ctr. heyy i napa ms i kat kindy xde uniform ye? pakaian bebas jer...heheh