Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Ti's Wedding

as i mention in my previous entry, this month we have a wedding to attend. it is Ti's (my cousin) wedding in KT.

came saturday morning, we left subang quite early taking the karak hi-way and LPT heading to pantai timur. alhamdulillah the traffic in kl was very smooth considering it was an off day for most people. since it was still early, i decided not to bath both fahmi & yaya, they'll be freezing, yelah our house takde water heater... heheh, we'll let them take their bath masa berhenti kat r&r temerloh nanti. that's our usual r&r spot, and there is one wakaf berhampiran surau & men's washroom that we always take our claim setiap kali berhenti rehat kat situ for breakfast. and yes as usual juga, i'd pack something for breakfast. samada sandwiches or nasi goreng or our all time favourite spaghetti, we never buy our breakfast from any of the kedai makan kat sana. lebih selesa sebab to have our meal kat kedai would turn the whole thing into a havoc dengan dua kanak2 riang ni. moreover, with my mum and my two nieces tumpang our car, it will create multiple havoc.

going back to KT means i'd be able to pamper myself with lots of sweet delicacies, mind you i have a sweet tooth. sesampai je ke bandar KT, pasar batu 6 yang kutuju dulu... hehe akok nesan, putu mayam (different from the putu mayam kat kl ni), jala mas, buah tanjung etc. ni sesi lepas geram lah kiranya. and the result of 3 blissful days of kuih2 manis is i add another 2kgs into my ever mengembang tummy. well done, myself!

as for fahmi and yaya, they had their own sesi lepas geram bermain pasir dan 'berumah' di reban ayam!

sesi lepas geram hubby pula bermula di pasar payang (i know hubby wouldn't agree with me, hahah coz i'm the one who dragged him here) haha. he got himself one batik shirt and a songket benang perak for his raya sampin, which means altogether now he had a collection of 3 pairs of sampin songket. and me? i bought a pair of handcrafted batik sutera to match hubby's batik shirt.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
pengantin and my aunties sumer with me meng'interframe'

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
3 in the pics are my cousins and the remaining are my anak2 sedara

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
with my cousins & niece

and now we are back in subang, with piles of baju kotor untuk dibasuh, our kitchen is out of stock, i need to rush to the market for our weekly supplies, plus i'm not yet cured from cold, sorethroat and cough. aduiii sakitnya badan.


NadiahKhair said...

is that u lia? the one donning yellowish baju kurung? u look different..serious..i didnt know it was u..lain but still pretty. ;)

eiseai said...

tu lah...she looks so slim and young kannnn

Liasari said...

hahah baju kurung tertinggal kain, terpaksa pakai dgn pants putih, dah jadik fesyen benggali aku hari tu...

yelah tu slim & young, huwaaa... the pics can deceive u, u know

YusVogue said...

wah..bestnya g wedding...
dah lama dah tak g..
seronok kan gathering skali skala ni.. hehe

~Mama Mikhael~

Liasari said...

hi yus,
memang suka wedding, tapi tiring bab preparation tu... paling lucu bila bride merajuk takde orang pakaikan inai... hahaha
my time dulu i almost cry sbb mak andam lambat sampai. bride-to-be selalu over sensitive kan?