Thursday, 23 August 2007

Ikano Shopping Spree & The Story Entail

i am no angel
i'm not 'immune' to temptations

it was supposed to be a 'survey' jalan session because we've never been to ikano before despite the close distance from our place.

so one fine sunday evening when we have no idea where to go for our usual outing with the children, i suggested to hubby why not we go to ikea, just to survey jalan je (konon!). it was already late, around 6pm kalau tak silap. hubby was reluctant to go, but as usual i used my persuasion power to make him agree to it. at least my communication studies dulu ada juga guna nya ye?

once there, i told hubby why not we take a quick peek at the 'brands' outlet yang sally dok sebut2 tu. hahah hubby gave me one kind of look "memang tak leh caya bini aku nih" hehehe

akhirnya, the result of saja2 survey jalan is these

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there were many selection of kidswear, semuanya cantik2 belaka especially for the girls. rambang mata dibuatnya, if only i had tonnes of $$$ i'd buy each design offered. but price wise, not as cheap as i expected... i bought a pair of 3/4 pants and 3 blouse/t shirt for yaya from various brands i.e. oshkosh and tks. as for the boys, the selection were not as 'meriah' as the girls', i bought only 1 oshkosh t shirt for fahmi.

i'm supposed to save some money for the 'balik kampung' trip, instead ku hamburkan my saving for that month untuk baju2 si comel. godaan...

dek kerana sakan bershopping, we couldn't figure out which way to take to reach home. yang peliknya why every turn we took we'd never get back to where we come from? *frown* any answer sally? it took us an hour plus to reach home, we went from damansara to kepong and selayang, we almost emptied the petrol tank in search for the correct route if not for the petronas station in the middle of nowhere. seronok bershopping semua terbang, i'm tired, the kids were tired too... hubby pulak gelisah mencari jalan.

we reached home anyway, it was very very late, the kids were asleep. i myself could barely open my eyes to climb out from the car. we decided that next time if we ever go to ikano/ikea again, we'll makesure that we'd go during daylight. hubby tak puas hati, he said he'd be able to figure out jalan balik if only we went during the day.

so right after the picnic at tasik perdana last 2 weeks we went to ikea again. the funny thing is that even in the broad daylight he still couldn't figure out jalan balik. macam mana tu? :-) me and hubby, we laughed at ourselves.

moral of the story:

1. i'd stick to my usual shopping place, that is subang parade, confirm tak sesat!
2. kalau dah tak tau jalan tu, siang ke malam ke, tetap sesat!


SHIRAH said...

kih..kih..apsal jauh sangat berpusing balik..actually dekat jer jalan nak balik ke umah ko..anyway berjaya gak mencari jalan balik..emm lain kali boleh singgah ikano plk :)

eiseai said...

oit dari rumah u tu 20 minit je tau. fine day, u ikut je bum bum my car. gerenti tak sesat punya. hahahha...

best haaa brands outlet tu. i nak carik baju raya the boys, plus baju baru skit for the baby. nanti lah...taking leave one day, going all by my lonesome. baru best skit...

Liasari said...

kuang2... cik shidot ko buat apa hujung minggu ni? jom bawa aku bershopping... hehe tanganku tgh gatal ni.

huhuuu... me & hubby mmg fail jln kl nih... x puas hati lagi ni... mesti ada 3rd attempt.

liza said...

laa.. lia..
out from ikana/ikea.. u masuk LDP way to Kepong BUT rite after flyover to Mont'Kiara.. ada junction to Damansara Perdana kan?? kalo kanan u pegi DP, tapi u buat U-turn.. so that u dah on the LDP hala ke Subang.. from LDP b4 cable bridge, masuk federal highway.. OR, after damansara uptown u masuk NKVE highway.. aiiyyaaa.. so senang...

Liasari said...

klu nak ke subang via kota damansara plak camne? heheh frog under the coconut shell btol aku nih

SHIRAH said...

laa..apsal tak sms..hujung minggu lepas free jer..mehh sini aku ajar jalan..skit2 tuh reti ler..:)

liza said...

kalo nak ke subang via kota damansara??? errm... quite susah sikit nak bg direction..takut u x jumpa..ok..simpang masuk ikea.. tapi ikea belah kanan.. then u terus, masuk under tunnel.. straight je (jauh jugak tau).. until u nampak mcd (attached to project)on ur rite, traffic lite masuk kiri.. terus sampai t-junction.. masuk kiri lagi.. u dah berada di jalan lama shah alam subang.. ada banyak nursery there.. terus.. before caltex ada simpang masuk kiri.. u masuk kiri.. terus je.. so that u dah berada di jalan lapangan terbang subang lama.. hehehe.. lagi???

Liasari said...

tenkiu liza,
hmm masuk tunnel tu eh... okay nnti kita cuba try test hehe