Friday, 7 September 2007

Happy 5th Anniversary

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this is what a woman would ask on her wedding anniversary. but these lovely bunch of yellow roses weren't mine. i belongs to hubby, brought by his loving helpless romantic wife! how very fortunate of him that in my busy schedule i remembered to send him flowers and make him smile on our anniversary. our 5th wedding anniversary to be precise. and i went sulking the whole day and night because he forgot to send me any, not even a note of love. he knows that i adore flowers, i love it so much for him to buy me flowers. i wouldn't mine if he didn't buy me presents, jewellery, handbag, cosmetics etc but flowers.

the fact is that i wouldn't mine if he had forgotten to buy me flowers today. but early in the morning something happen in the office, it ruin my day. i had been feeling rather poorly the whole week, so on this special day i made a mental note to dressed up, i purposely chose to wear my favourite baju kurung, just to make me feel happy, hoping that i could bear going through the whole day to end a disasterous week. but it takes just one irritating annoying and inconsiderate person to ruin my day. oh God, i should be brooding over this issue on my wedding anniversary. forget about it. let's talk about love.

i have been feeling poorly, and dressing up helps. we went for dinner at The Windmill, nothing so fancy or luxurious, just that return back to the restaurant brought back happy memories of of courting days. it brought back the memory where i orchestrated his surprised 27th birthday dinner at the windmill bukit raja. how i went to the extra miles of planning his birthday celebration, carefully chose the birthday cake - being a man he hates choc cake which i loved so much, so i'd chosen a fruity flan cake. i remembered that i walk 2km from my office in port klang to the cake house just to order his cake and a week later went to collect his cake and brought it to the restaurant. i hand it over to the restaurant manager the night before the dinner because i didn't want him to know about my plan. i must thank my roommate, Alifa. she drove me in her silver kancil to the restaurant. if it wasn't for her, i don't think i'd manage to pull out the act.

on the actual day, hubby came to pick me up from my rented flat at about 8pm. i kept my composure cool and unmoving. but half way through the dinner he already sense something when the restaurant crew assembled, ushered a lited up cake and started to sing happy birthday. he covered his face with his hands and were practically trying to hide himself under the table! except that the cake & song wasn't for him. apparently another patron was celebrating birthday on the same night. ha ha ha... i wanted to laugh so hard seeing his frantic face. and all went well. before we left, the malay guy whom i suspected must be the manager in charge that night, whispered a message to hubby "apa lagi bang, kahwin lah cepat2" . which did happen a year after the birthday dinner. and now, here we are, although i wanted so much to return to the same outlet in bukit raja, but considering the time factor, we went to the outlet at subang jaya.

okay enough about sweet memories, i'd probably run out of page if i were to bare all details of the surprised birthday dinner. all i can say is that he was so pleased and surprised. i guess that means no woman had ever did that or did anything close to what i organised for him. i am a self acclaim romantic! and i'm adamant turn my hubby in to one! you can say that's my resolution from this day onward.

it's okay that he had forgotten to buy me flowers today. i'd make sure that he'd never forget it in the near future... and the next occassion is very close enough ;-)

back to the anniversary dinner. i noticed that nothing much had change. the restaurant still offers the same menu, same ambience but this outlet had the very poor quality of service. i made a reservation 3 days earlier but much to my dismay, it wasn't recorded. food was okay lah. i had lobster thermidor... umphh i'm so full later i had to drag myself out from the restaurant. hubby had his all time favourite rib eye steak, which turns to be so succulent i regret chosing the lobster.

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