Monday, 10 September 2007


Today is full of surprises.

Surprise #1

I reached office very late today, because I took my children to the clinic first thing in the morning. They had flu and had been coughing for a couple of days. It was raining this morning and the traffic was bad, so we reached the clinic quite late. And to my surprise, the clinic was full! Full of sick adults and children. Most of them had cough and flu just like my children. Registered our name at the counter and waited for our name to be called. The whole process from the moment we stepped in to the clinic until the pharmacy issued the medication for the children took about 1 ½ hour. But I felt like we were there for ages! Afterwards, we sent the children home and we (me & hubby) drove to office separately without realizing that another surprise is waiting for me right on my table!

Surprise #2

I was so distress last Friday for not getting any flowers from ‘him’ on our anniversary. I know he remembered the date, we even talk about having a dinner together, only the two of us, which we had. But I was also hoping that he’d remember to send me flowers, to seal our 5th anniversary. Which he had forgotten about sending the flowers. i was so distress, so upset that I could not face him later that day. I know it was so childish of me having acted that way on our anniversary.

It was not his fault that I felt so distress and lost my appetite for a celebration dinner. It was all due to the hard time I’m facing at the office. I’ve never had a bad week; I’ve had bad days, but never a bad week. Last week was a total disaster for me from the beginning of Monday till the end of Friday, and it still continues. I tried to gain composure on Friday, mainly because it was our anniversary, I wanted to be happy, I have a reason to be happy even if I can’t on other days, at least I must be happy last Friday. Thanks to ‘someone’ from the office that had ruin my happiness.

So, despite the whole disaster in the office that I had to face, I was hoping that miracle would happen. I wished so much that I’d received a bunch of flowers. Okay if a bunch is a bit too much, well at least a stalk of rose would make my day. It doesn't matter if he'd forgotten about the flowers, but i was so down the whole week, so i need something just to make me smile.

The office turns in to a chaos this morning. They could not locate the recipient by the name ‘Mimie’. Nasib baik my colleague flips through the delivery slip, and saw my full name spells out in the slip. He wanted to give me a pleasant surprise, which he did. It was totally unexpected.

Darling, I know you’d read this, I am truly sorry that I acted childishly last Friday. But if my action that day resulted in to this,
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I don’t regret it one bit! ;-)

Surprise #3
I reached home at almost 8 o’clock to find my son sprawled on the sofa at our living room. He was asleep! The house was so quite. I went upstairs and saw hubby in the computer room. There was no sign of yaya. I took a peek inside our bedroom. I had another surprise seeing yaya sleeping on our bed. This is truly unexpected!

We had a quite night. Which means I can blog. I haven’t been writing that much lately. I don’t have the inclination to do so due to the pressure I’m facing at work.

My head is throbbing. I've swallow 2 tablets of panadol, yet the pain wouldn't go away. I should get some rest.


eiseai said...

i pun headache and had 2 panadols and no effect. besok nak mc lah.

my boys getting better but no coughing pulak. heiii...tak habis2.

happy anniversary, by the way. nice flowers, tho i'm not a flower person hehehe

liza said...

happie anniversary lia..
at least merajuk dapat something.. kalo i.. hmmmm.. anniversary this year jadik gaduh.. my hubby bengang dgn position i masa race.. hahaha bole tak?? romantik tak hadiah i??? huwaaaaa.. lagi kesian kat i.. hhmmm bilelah my hubby nak turns to a romantic man??

Liasari said...

where can u find a romantic malay guy? kat e-bay pun xde...hehehe
as for me selagi ada daya, i won't stop grooming him... sungguh memenatkan!

uhhh sally, i had another bout of migrain earlier today.

azie said...

happy annivesary lia..its the 5th kan..?bestnya da dpt lepas 'tempoh percubaan'.. :)

Liasari said...

azie, 5yrs probation? jauh lagi perjalanan... seram sejuk...hehe