Monday, 10 September 2007

House Project?

i've been planning to do something about the furniture arrangement in our living room. and i also been wanting to get rid of the old chest of drawers that housed my childrens outfit. the chest of drawers is in dire need of replacement. plus it is such a sore sight to see them sitting at the corner of our living room right under the stairs. i wanted to move them up to our bedroom or the children's room but hubby objected to my suggestion because he said the room will be crowded. so i let the drawers crowding the living room for some time until i could persuade him one more time.

alhamdulillah... berjaya juga memujuk hubby. on sunday morning, off we go hunting for new cupboard for the children. we also get a new tv cabinet, which i've been planning to buy. both item selling very cheap. later that afternoon when the furniture arrives, we transfer the childrens outfit in to the new cupboard and re-arrange the sofas and tv cabinet at our living room. the results... tarra

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last time we sat watching the tv facing the staircase. now we're facing the wall. better sight...

before we went for furniture hunting, hubby moved the car out from the parking space to give way to the children cycling around the compound.

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1st, abang took adik for a ride

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next, abang bully adik into pushing him around ... adik pulak seronok sangat dapat sorong abang yg 2 times her weight & size


eiseai said...

i like ur wallpaper & border. ingat nak buat the same thing to our living room yg plain sangat ni. but my thoughts always go to the boys room now, bilik lain slalu i put aside.

Liasari said...

ur living room bukan plain, i like ur deco, minimalist kata org... x serabut. i dah bosan tgk border & cat merah tu sbnrnya, tp belum cukup setahun lagi... tot of painting the wall olive green or brown, tapi nnti gelap plak rumah sempitku itu... ni yg membuak2 rasa nak beli umah ni... huwaaa