Saturday, 15 September 2007

Ramadhan I

i've not much appetite for food this ramadhan. selalunya i wud not miss the bazaar ramadhan just a few walk away from our house. banyak pilihan from sumptuos lauk pauk to kuih muih. but for the past 3 days i don't have any craving for delicacies. in fact i don't have an idea what to prepare for our buka puasa today. i ate very little nasi for buka, same goes to sahur. last night i cooked nasi goreng ulam and keep them warm in the rice cooker because hubby also was complaining that he doesn't have much appetite for nasi putih and lauk. alhamdulillah, sahur early this morning he ate dengan berselara dan siap menambah. maybe we should go for hidangan yang simple jer.
at times like this, pms wud help me very much. :->
for today, i plan to make bubur lambuk and buah melaka (onde2).
cukuplah for berbuka...

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