Saturday, 15 September 2007

Tagging Game

i've been tagged again by Nad @ mommy Iman & sally. sorry guys, it took me ages to response to your tag :-)
btw, how many answers do i have to come out? ok nevermind, just let the answer comes out spontaneously jelah kan

Life isn't complete if I dont get to;

  • cium tangan, hug & kiss hubby before he leaves to work. the hug selalunya lama skit partly because both of us still dozy & sejukkk!
  • drop a few kisses on fahmi & yaya before my turn to leave home for work
  • cook and experimenting with my culinary skills (kunon!)
  • put yaya to bed
  • yell at the top of my lung at my 2 lil kitten for the mess they make
  • blogging ...
  • think about what to cook today, tomorrow and the day after, making list of weekly rations and saved them on my mobile phone
  • brush my teeth before i go to sleep
  • watch hell's kitchen (at the moment)
  • browsing for more now recipes

who wud i tag now?

liza @ putralady
ila s2m3r


liza said...

ish.. kena tag dah..
nanti lah ako buat ye lia..
ako takde masa nak masuk internet nih.. ni pun kejap je coz ako kat tmn tun.. umah PIL ako..

SHIRAH said...

aikk..aku pun kono..ok nanti den cubo buek yoo..

eiseai said...

heheheh...semua pun about cooking eh? i would sooo love to cook again :(

Liasari said...

uiksss sempat gak online ye? jawab jgn x jawab hehe

buek yo, aku nak tau view org solo nih... time aku solo x sempat pikir maaa

nampaknya begitulah... pagi2 nak gi keje kena fikir apa nak msk mlm nnti... fikir aja pun dah letih... klulah hubby bleh telan mcd & pizza hari2 senangnya! ;-)