Saturday, 27 October 2007

Once Is Not Enough

as planned i took the children for a bus ride this morning. while hubby is very busy getting ready for his " strictly male gathering" i manage to dragged him in to the bus ride trip. not that he hopped in the bus with us, he needs to play a role in the whole bus ride plan. the part where he is supposed to play a role is to wait for us at the petronas station nearby my office to pick us up from there.

i actually wants to go to care4, for our weekly supplies. since yaya wants so much naik bas, so i thought hey why not we take the bus from our place and stop somewhere in the middle of the route to care4. if only the bus goes to care4, we'd complete the route. but care4 is not in their route so we have to stop somewhere.

it has been years since i last took a bus. kekok lah plak macam orang tak pernah naik bus. we took the metro bus, wanted to take the rapid kl tapi bas belum nak bergerak lagi, i don't want to wait for so long not with this two over excited kids.

fahmi & yaya both really enjoyed the bus ride. they talk and share with each other what they saw sepanjang perjalanan (it was a short ride sebenarnya). the airport terminal, the planes that they always saw looks differently to them from the bus ride. they saw the things that they normally sees dari kereta in a different perception. they were so caught in their own thought that i seems merely an onlooker sharing a couch with them. seronok tengok budak2 ni...

fahmi asked me, "kita nak pergi mana mama?"
me : kita pergi jalan2 naik bas
fahmi: lepas jalan2 kita pergi mana?
me : kita pergi carrefour beli barang
fahmi: lepas pergi carrefour kita pergi mana lagi? (there's a smile on his face)
me : kita balik rumah lah... (at this point his smile dissappear)
fahmi: tak nak balik rumah kita jalan2 lah lagi (naik bas he means)

we stopped at the petronas station. both fahmi & yaya tak nak turun. they want to continue with the bus ride.

surely, once is not enough for them. :-)

kenapalah mama selalu lupa bawa camera to capture pics?

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eiseai said...

d bus passes d airprt terminal? thats on d way to d boys' daycare...

let me know more abt smart reader later ye? macam excited nak hantar d abg long...