Friday, 26 October 2007


The visit to smart reader that was supposed to take place a couple of months ago finally done today. I took the opportunity of the Friday break to pay them a visit and to find out what are the modules suitable for fahmi. Apparently they do have Saturday classes for children aged 3-6 yrs. Alhamdulillah… at least we don’t have to worry about who’s going to send him to the class. The once a week (4 times a month) class cost is rm80, apart from the one time registration fee of rm50 and books fee rm36++. Quite reasonable, in fact about almost the same amount I’ve been paying for his tumble tots class before.

Unfortunately, we can’t enroll him now. Have to wait until the new school semester begins in January 2008 as there won’t be any class during this school break beginning from mid November to end December. Alahhh rugi masa lah plak, by next year fahmi dah masuk 4 tahun. Menulis belum pandai, membaca pun belum apatah lagi reading. Uwaaa sumer salah mama & daddy dia… sekolah tinggi2 tapi tak ajar anak betul2. Isyyy

Still in raya mood, tonight we went going to our next door neighbor house baru kejap tadi. They invited us for open house. Esok pagi, I planned to take yaya & fahmi for a bus ride. Why bus ride? Si comel yaya been asking me if she can take a bus ride. Masa balik rumah my mom for raya boleh dia merengek2 mintak nak naik bas. Tiba2 je datang ilham dia tu… u just imagine lepas pujuk2 bawa dia shopping, masa nak balik tu we decided to visit hubby’s friend kat taman desarhu. dia nampak bas boleh dia merengek minta bas sampai muncung mulut merajuk. She cried for bus for the last time, lepas tu terus senyap… rupa2nya tertido. Letih agaknya merengek minta bas tak dapat. Pity her.

On Sunday morning, we’ll be off to my mom’s house. My sis nak buat majlis cukur jambul Mohd Faiz Akmal. It will be held at my mom’s house.

Oh ya I just remember, jiran selang dua pintu dah pasang khemah untuk open house dia lunch time tomorrow. Seems like before we shoot to manjung for hubby’s gathering with his frens we gets to makan2 dulu lah ye.

Emm sibuk ke sana ke mari bila nak sambung gardening ni?

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