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Bali Day 2

Bali Day 2 - 21 nov 2007
Elephant Ride, Ubud Art Museum, Galuh Batik Shop & Pasar Sukawati
Location : Ubud, Bali

we received the response on our request for a private tour just before we left for breakfast. walaupun kat bali ni jam 5.30pagi dah terang benderang macam jam 7pagi but we just couldn't push our selves to woke up early... kalau nak ikutkan semua tour packages kat sini begins as early as 3am! itu untuk package tengok matahari terbit dari pantai jimbaran kalau tak silap. other packages begins as early as 5.30am to 8am... but our private tour was tailor made to our own timing...hehe sesuai untuk orang yang malas bangun pagi ;-).

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lepak kat veranda bilik lepas breakfast

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before we left for the tour sempat lagi aku book for massage ;-)

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posing 3 beranak... one thing i noticed budak berdua ni makin happening posing mereka! terhibur bila tengok balik

we left the hotel at around 10am, menuju ke elephant safari somewhere di perkampungan taro, ubud. our tourist guide cum driver by the name Wayan actually wanted to bring us to many other tourist spot i.e. barong dance, temples, silver craft worksyop, monkey forest but we don't want to do all that. yelah dengan 2 orang kanak2 riang ni, mana larat nak berjalan 8 hours non stop. that's why we opt for private tour, kalau ikut tour package lain2 tu it will takes paling kurang 8hours keliling bali in 1 day. plus, ada apa dengan temple?

we thought that bali is just a small island like langkawi... hehe buta geography betul! we didn't expect that the journey from sanur to the elephant safari will takes almost 1 hour to reach there. sampaikan fahmi & yaya tertidur. and the road was very busy, sesibuk jalan di KL!

there were 3 rides offered, the 15mins ride, 40mins ride or the 1hr ride. we choose the 40mins ride walaupun hati risau takut budak berdua ni tak tahan lama2 atas gajah. paid the fee in US$, sib baik ada tukar US$ skit. me & fahymi took off first riding the elephant named Elsa, hubby & yaya rides Tony. the elephant keeper that accompanied us, Abbas (a muslim from Sumatra) was very friendly & informative. i didn't expect fahmi to be so scared of the elephant that he was so restless throughout the ride, the reason why i asked hubby to ride with yaya was because i expect yaya yang akan jadi si penakut that i won't be able to control her. surprisingly she was very relaxed, cheerful and seems to enjoy the ride very very much! fahmi wears this worry look on his face sepanjang the ride, but still bila daddy nak snap his pics he's able to give his signature 'peace' post.

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fahmi actually meronta2 tak nak naik, bila daddy nak snap pics immediately dia posing!

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yaya was such a darling, from a far i can hear her giggles and asking daddy tons of questions

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'Tony' showing off his talent angkat daddy & fahmi using his belalai

the riding package comes with complimentary lunch at the reastaurant nearby. before proceeded to the restaurant i asked Abbas whether the food provided are halal? Abbas advice us to take only vegetarian food. in my mind i thought that the vegetarian buffet counter were separated from non-halal counter, so i didn't expect that the food to be on the same buffet line. bila hubby tanya semua food halal ke? quickly the lady tutup lauk pauk yang non-halal... masa tu serta merta kembang tekak kami... the one yang nampak macam fish ball celup tepung tu rupa2nya daging 'itu'... separuh mati aku ingat bleh bagi the kids makan! ohhh tidakkkk! kejamnya aku. separuh jalan makan pecal terasa kembang tekak semula... terus kami berhenti makan. huwaaa seksanya!

paling tak sampai hati bila tengok the kids tak makan apa2 pun. just imagine yaya yang hantu nasi didn't had sebiji nasi pun sepanjang 4 days in bali... she lived on fried egg, french fries, oreo biscuits and more fried eggs!

next, we went to the art museum. hubby is not an art lover, i do love art but i'm not passionate about it, when your partner does not share the same interest with you, the love for art sort of mati dengan sendirinya, not that i care so much. we decided that the art museum is not our 'thing' and leave empty handed.

next stop ni yang plaing menyeronokkan for me! hehe Galuh batik shop. we got 50% discount for all items from kain batik lepas, pelikat samarinda, kebaya, batik printed tote, sandals etc. seronok bershopping lupa perut lapar... ada patut?

after the stop at galuh, Wayan wants to bring us to the monkey forest and silver craft shop which i and hubby rejected (in a nice way). the kids dah kepenatan, lapar but that didn't stop me from asking Wayan to bring us to Pasar Sukawati. this is the place where you can buy all sorts of souvenir items tapi kena pandai bargain. i enjoy the bargain part so much, hubby did too... macam sport plak for us doing the bargain thing. the hawkers kind of forcing us to buy things from their shop, bila kita cakap tak nak, they'll immediately lower down the price, if you say tak nak again, they'll ask you how much you want. kadang2 irritating jugak sebab kita betul2 tak nak barang tu.

and if you bring your kids with you please be more alert coz if the hawkers can't persuade you to buy then they'll turn to your kids. tak pasal2 beli miniature cats at the price of rp15,000 ... ntah apa gunanya aku pun tak tau. kes terperangkap lah ni.

we saw one stall selling 'Muslim' bakso... tapi tak berani nak cuba. so just bought a few carton drinks and biscuits for the kids.

balik ke hotel, semuanya tertidur kepenatan, while i go for the massage at the hotel's spa.

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