Sunday, 30 December 2007

One Week

i was relieved to see both my children well settled in the new environment. yaya doesn't cry anymore. she became so excited to go to school. this is the first time she is being put in a place where her socialising skill is tested. alhamdulillah there was no complaint about her 'bekeng ness', i sincerely hope its not because nobody cares to give any comment or feedback.

ok, so the children settled, but i'm not. something happened on saturday. which made me feel uncomfortable to send my children to the 'school'. i've accepted that there've been some miscommunication, which led to a small hiccup on 'their' side. me and hubby was furious in the first place. but we give it a thought and for the sake of the children, honestly because we were left with not much choice, we decided to forget about it. to let it go for now, but we will still plan our next move.

our next 'plan' will be in place by next week. insyaAllah if everything goes well, by the 2nd last week of january, we would not have to send the children to the 'school' anymore.

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