Monday, 24 December 2007

First Day

Bibik return to hometown last Saturday. Leaving us maid less. Not that I mind not having her around, we were relieved to be rid of her. But it would help if we can have new maid immediately to take over running the house. Yes, aku belum serik with maid.

With the maid less state we had to make new arrangement and rules for the house. For instance, the kids have will have to go to a nursery. Yes, I talk about sending them to one particular nursery where sally sends her boys to. Hubby is car less now, and the weather is so unpredictable nowadays to risk having hubby fetch the kids riding his motorcycle. Meaning I will have to send and fetch them from the nursery, which I can’t afford to do, not everyday. There’ll be times when I have to stay late at the office.

So we change the plan and send them to one nursery in our neighbourhood. We send fahmi there once when he was 11 months old because his babysitter was sick at that time. I told the kids that they’ll go a school; I use the word school because they accept it far better than ‘nursery’ or ‘babysitter’ or ‘mak cik’.

Yaya was so excited about this ‘school’ thing. She got up early this morning while I was still in the bathroom. Fahmi doesn’t move an inch when I wake him up, he doesn’t want to go. He wants to stay at home, but I told him that there’ll be nobody at home to mind him anymore. In the car, yaya was still so excited, she recited all my pesanan to her about what she should say if she wants to eat, what to say if she want to doo doo etc. I address the child minder as ‘teacher’ so that she’ll think it is a real school. Liar! She was still in her happy mood when we arrived at the ‘school’, while fahmi protested by saying “sekolah apa ni?” when he heard a toddler’s cry. I had to nudge his shoulder and coerce him inside.

Once inside and upon noticing the unfamiliar faces and surrounding and soon realizes that she will be left for the whole day at this new place, yaya started to cry while fahmi too occupied with the slide he doesn’t even care that I’m leaving. I had to promise yaya that I would bring her to McD if she stops crying. Which she did dengan mulut muncung sedepa. sigh… i felt a sudden tug at my heart, hate leaving them behind like this.

Mum offered to mind the kids for a week or two until we find a new maid. That’ll mean leaving the kids behind with mum and gets to see them over the weekend. It’s not up for consideration though , that’s why I didn’t tell mum much earlier about the latest development in my household. Mum developed inconsistent blood pressure which at the same times causes dizziness. I can’t be burdening her with my problems can i?

It’s not too bad having to do all the house chores on your own kan? I could loss a few extra kilos I’ve put on ever since ada maid dulu. ;-)


watie said...

huhuhu..sedih gak tau x ada maid...bukan apa..dah la wati nih kerja selalu sampai kul 10mlm....that why nak maid gak..huhuhuhu. but x larat oiii nak tabur 6k..
kak lia.....apa ek id ym kak lia????

Liasari said...
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Liasari said...

lorr online gak ke? isyyy esok kan nak wat party.
huwaa kita senasib ye watie? apa ye ym kak lia? x hingat... salwa_iksb rasanya

azie said...

ciannya yaya nangis..erkk..welcome to the bibik club lah...hikhihk

eiseai said...

sedihnya dengar cik bekeng menangis. this morning amir pun refused to go to school. he said he wanted to go to office. lepas ni sharp2 5:30 nak balik jumpa the boys. rindu after 6 days together with them...