Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Waiting Is An Agony

I sat in front of my pc today, gazing at the alambudiman webpage for the hundredth times, (honestly i’ve lost count). The nest hunting is one strenuous episode and would be endless, until we set foot and make firm decision about it. It is not that we haven’t decided. The decision has been made; from the very first time we set eyes on the house. For the 1st time we (me & hubby) agree on something. We have so much differences and argument about so many things, except for this one; we both are together in to this. Been there 3 times now, we couldn’t find any flaw from the house itself, our affection for this house keeps on growing by each visit. The only thing that holding us back is the unavailability of a corner lot or even end lot!

We’re in a dilemma. We want so much to buy the house but at the same time we are not ready to settle for a landless house. . On our second visit after we came back from bali, I just can’t hold it anymore, I wanted so much to confirm for the intermediate lot. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have a garden to grow plants. It doesn’t matter anymore to me, but hubby doesn’t want to rush. He said there is still hope… the end lot from the new block. My heart blossom!

The sad thing is that we just find out that even their end lots are landless! They claim that the end lot comes with approximately 5 feet land, but when we go there what we saw was 3 feet paved terrace. Paved terrace! Where am I going to plant my keladi serawak and heliconia?

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But we can still compromise with that as long as we can have a view (now, we sound so desperate). But… the new block where end lots are available is yet to be launch. Until then, we have to wait; with anticipation. Ughh… waiting is an agony… my heart ache so much.
Note: fahmi had a new haircut, another experiment by me, a new style indeed. with the help of the barber at the barber's shop, who helped to trimmed nipis both sides of tepi kepala which i didn't manage to do without the help of a trimmer (if such exist). thank you mr barber, who saved my son dari diketawakan... dua2 side tepi kepala macam ditobek2 oleh hairdresser amatuer (memang pon!). Am becoming obsessed with this hair thing!

ahh... i can hear yaya singing of tune... no not singing she it was more like S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. at times she sing before fallen asleep. it amaze me sometimes how quickly she can fall asleep padahal baru je sekejap dia menyanyi. it's like one second you hear her singing, the next you know she's already pooff! gone to sleep. i wish i can do that too.


watie said...

huhuhuhu...nest haunting.....hati manyak sedih ooooo

eiseai said...

liaaa...ambik je, ambik je...hehehe

nOLie said...

erkkk...beli beli..jangna tak beli heheheh nanti kempunan wooo heheh

Liasari said...

wahhh sedap je bunyi membeli tu yek? macam tabur zakat kat sogo je...hihi