Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wedding, Wedding And More Wedding

I shall describe December as the month for wedding, ton and tons of weddings. Seems like everyone all over the world is tying the knot before the year ends.

I received a handful wedding invitation this month including one invitation from Holland by mail sometime last week. The reception shall takes place today at 1900hrs Holland time. The groom, Jan as he is fondly known is a consultant at my office, very senior in age (almost 60!) but very young at heart. It will be his second marriage to an Indonesian born. I’ve know him for more than 5 years now, even before he join the company. Was never that close to him, pity coz he has a handsome son ;-). So sweet of him to include me in his list. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to his reception (mana mampu sih). My best wishes to him from a far “it is a pleasant surprise. May you be bless with a blissful marriage” received a cheeky reply “…the old man starts a new future!”

And what a pleasant way to include us (in KL) in his celebration of love and merriment by delivering 3 delicious, sumptuous, mouth watering coffee table sized strawberry cake with fresh large strawberries topping today. He is one happy man and very proud to announce his wedding, very unlike our people here who ties the knot again at old age.

While ducking into two helpings of strawberry cake, I flipped through the invitation card again. It is not very difficult to figure out what’s in the card even though it is written in Dutch. But well, most cards must come with bride & groom’s name, followed by date of event, place and time kan? At least those in numbers senang nak figure out. So I went to do some searching on the internet, browsing for Orangerie Elswout, in Overveen, my wild guess that must be a restaurant’s name. Oh my, it is a breathtakingly beautiful place for a romantic reception. Mulalah nak berangan tu… hahaha
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This weekend we’ll be in kajang attending the wedding of my officemate. Next weekend we’ll be off to seremban, again, this time to celebrate the wedding of an old friend … my childhood friend. On the last weekend of December we’ll be in puchong for the wedding of another colleague. So, now my weekends are full, again.

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eiseai said...

if the invitation came flight ticket & hotel voucher lagi best kan?? i pun nak ikut...