Sunday, 9 December 2007

Quite Weekend

For the past few months (after hari raya) we had heavy schedule for our weekends. Our weekends were filled with open houses, weekend outings with the kids, window shopping, commute to mum’s house for the regular visit where at the same time pay a visit to my regular tailor, birthday parties and the house hunting, again.

This weekend were spent leisurely, at our small house. We didn’t really have any plan for the weekend. Initially we wanted to visit my niece at hukm on Saturday after I got back from work. But I got to know that she were discharge on Friday afternoon. She had been in and out of hospital for more than 1 month now. I bought some books and stationeries for her to kill the time. She must be bored having lying on the bed doing nothing except the occasional watching TV. I guess I just keep the books and stationeries with me until the next visit on Tuesday.

So the visit was replaced with… afternoon nap instead. It has been ages since I had an afternoon nap. I can’t remember when the last time was, and I can’t remember how tiring an afternoon nap can be. And today I had another nap which last for 1 ½ hour. Wow! Sungguh memenatkan! Feel guilty and I actually regret losing my time to a nap. I could have done many things in 1 1/2hour. Tapi takpelah, I really need it anyway, especially after the bali trip and the recent langkawi business trip.

One of the reasons why we choose to stay at home this weekend was because yaya is down with fever. Her temperature is high and she started to cough now. We’ve been giving her paracetamol syrup, but there were times when she simply refused to take, the times when she take she would end up throwing up segala isi perutnya termasuk ubat tu sekali. Sungguh penat nak bagi si kecil ni makan ubat, macam nak beragaduh pun iye!

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she sat on my lap while i was uploading some pics and fall asleep atas tangan mama

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bila baringkan atas katil dia jaga pulak. agaknya bila tak sedap badan nak tido pun tak selesa

And me… I am down with fever too. I’ve down with fever longer than yaya had. This is the cause of my fever… alam budiman. Aduhhh sakitnyaaa…


eiseai said...

the alam budiman house is nice. i also very the suka :)

sian yaya demam. amir & asyraf have been coughing too. but now getting better. takut they pass it to ariff.

asyraf so energetic now kan? even the cikgu say he's so garang and so lively. since he can walk ni, he's been walking every where in the school. so malu also cos the teacher says he hits people with his bottle. aiyooo asyraf

Liasari said...

yaya is back to her hyper nature, but the cough won't go away so easily, now jangkit to fahmi.

hahah lucu betul asyraf ni, geram tgk dia main dlm pool. tapi asyraf kena tone down skit bab botol tu, nnti mummy dapat surat merah plak...heee