Monday, 7 January 2008

The Birthday Luncheon

the whole family, except my youngest brother gathered for a 'small' luncheon at manhattan fish market to celebrate fahmi's birthday. at first we thought that with the children around it's gonna be a very chaotic lunch, but alhamdulillah it turns out that the children including mine were all well-behaved.

the little fairies

my pink angel

the birthday boy, sengih dapat makan fish n chips (just like mama)

birthday boy dikerumuni bidadari

whoops... bidadari berjaya kick birthday boy out dan membolot kek diego! girl powerr!!! (emm this is still considered as well-behave okay)

birthday cake... emmm yummylicious. mak2 budak & bapak budak semua kecur liur

self potrait senyuman (more like grinning eh?) orang yang dah kenyang...

the birthday boy is now down with flu & cough & slight fever... dek kerana ciuman charlie's angels semalam. 'jantan terhagnat di pasaran' is back! ;-)


eiseai said...

happy birthday fahmi. may you grow to be a strong & healthy boy. sian tengok the thorn among the roses kena buli :)

ehem ehem...sronok nya daddy & mama dia tuuuuuu

azie said...

happy birthday fahmi...moga sihat dan ceria selalu...
auntie nk cket la kek diego tuu..:P