Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Poor Baby

in my recent entry i mentioned that fahmi is down with cold & cough. well, yaya too catch cold and cough; transferred down to them by their mama.

i took leave yesterday. the actual reason was to teach the new maid on house chores. but it so happen that both of them were down with cold & cough, so basically i was doing both, teaching the new maid & minding 2 sick children.

fahmi is getting better now. but yaya is getting worse, i hope it won't take so long for the bug to go off.

i reached home at almost 8pm tonight. my heart ache finding yaya lying down on the sofa, looking tired and weak. carried her upstairs with me, put her on my bed while i perform maghrib prayer. she was coughing all the time while she tried to get some sleep.
before i took my shower, i rub some black seed vapour on her feet and put on her socks; a tip i got from email on how to put away bad cough. it is effective on children as well as adults.
alhamdulillah, the cough goes away, and she sleeps peacefully.

poor my baby...


SHIRAH said...

sian cik bekeng...baru jer tgk video clip..tgh active main ngan abang nyer

s2m3r said...

alahai..dua2 plak down yek

moga fahmi ngan yaya cepat semboh yek

eiseai said...

get well soon yaya. my boys pun all down with. yg kesian tgk ariff lah, dah lah hidung kecik, blocked plak tu...

Liasari said...

shida, sunyi jugalah satu hari x dgr sore nyaring cik bekeng tu.

thanks ila & sally... both are better now, dah mula selerakkan kasut tu means dah ok lah... hidung masih nerhingus & batuk sikit2.

alahai siannya ariff selsema juga. hope ur boys get well soon. it's the wethear lah