Sunday, 20 January 2008

Handbag Tag

tagged by sally. though i'm not a handbag person but it's kind of fun playing along with this tagging thing.

first let me say again, i'm not a handbag person, so i don't have handbags for all occassion. i'd normally use/stick to one handbag till the handbag worn out or the straps falls apart or till 'somebody' bought me a new handbag then only i move to a new one. yes, the part that 'somebody' bought me a new handbag is very true for the past 3years. before the old one rosak, the new one comes, one after another. so i've stopped buying my own handbag. although recently i was tempted to buy my own after seeing someone carrying her new LV to the office, but i give it a thought and uhh, i'll pass. i could spend my money for other more important things. pendek kata, i won't regret or panting over handbag.

so this is the handbag that i'm using currently. my bronze liz claiborne handbag.

this is the first branded handbag i've ever own ( i don't count my carlo rino hantaran as branded). it is of smaller size than the one i normally use. my preference lies to the big handbag with lots of space, yang macam tote bag & yang cheap okay. so that i can put everything in one bag, keep everything termasuk sampah sarap!(the bills, receipts, atm chits) hahah kalau hubby do a spot check to my handbag, he's sure going to membebel panjang lebar. ;-)

okay, what's inside my handbag?

my benetton purse of 2 years which i got from credit card points redemption.
silky girl lip gloss, de bella UV foundation stick, secret foundation cake, lip liner, nail cutter, keys, portable harddisk, glasses casing, business card, pierre cardin pen (a gift on my gradutaion), saving books, my buruk nokia & sampah saraps!


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