Tuesday, 22 January 2008

She Did It!

i hardly had the time (read, make time) to sit down with my children teaching them how to read or write. consequently both of them who are now 4 and 3, doesn't know how to write properly and while they can count 1-10 both in english and malay, they could hardly make it from A to Z. i am ashamed for that. we (me & hubby) were both fairly educated parents but we neglect giving our children early education.

until recently, we sent fahmi for his smart reader english tutorial class after endless attempt to teach them at home turn disaster (that includes scolding & crying). we blame it all on office workload. so, no more arguing with husband about who should do the teaching at home, the convenient & more practical way for working parents nowaday is by sending your children to attend classess, even at the early age of 2. provided you can afford the $$$, of course. which is affordable in fahmi's case. pay rm50 for registration, rm80 for monthly fee & rm42 for books. unfortunately for yaya coz mama & daddy decided not to register her for the tutorial yet because if she were to join, then she'll be in the same class with fahmi. that, we want to avoid if we want fahmi to have full concentration in his class. i am not sure if she is ready for the class, and afraid that she's going to be the centre of distraction not only for fahmi but also effecting everyone else. kesian dia, mama doesn't have faith in her.

but i think i am wrong, she proves me wrong. yesterday while attending to fahmi doing his homework (yes, he already have a homework eventhough he just went to the trial class last saturday), yaya as usual wants to menyibuk. so i gave her a colour pencil and her book and they sit seperately doing their work. while fahmi had to start with 'A', i choose randomly the alphabet for yaya and purposely asked her to trace 'y' (for y.a.y.a). i know its very simple, all she has to do was to follow the dotted lines to complete a single 'Y'. but the fact that i hardly let them or teach them how to hold a pencil let alone write ABC, came as a surprise when she finishes her 'y' ummph very well (ok, maybe 'well' was a bit too high compliment).

and when fahmi claim that he's tired and doesn't want to complete his 'A' (i've lost words of encouragement at his lack of interest to continue, so i let him stop), yaya continues with 'f', and when she finishes 'f' she asked what else she can do. yeah 'y' is quite easy coz it is an all straight line alphabet, but an 'f' with curve and straight line is something that i don't expect her to be able to do nicely, but she did! she did it.

and just now, she did 'h'. hmmm... again fahmi has a competitor. that'll provide him a good sport.
i promised fahmi that i'll cook roasted chicken for lunch tomorrow; he's going for the CNY advanced replacement class in the morning. see if i can make it in time when he gets back from his class. if i could make it after all. ;-)

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