Thursday, 31 January 2008

Little Purchase

i had a business appointment at pusat bandar damansara today. as i arrived early for the appointment, i went to kafe 2 musim at the ground level for a drink. had a glass of hot barley, lega skit sakit tekak. it was while sipping the hot barley that i saw a small gerai located at the walkway between block A and B selling branded kiddies bajus.

am tempted to go near and take a peek. saja belek-belek the bajus, who would have guess the small gerai selling bajus from the range of branded item i.e. carters, old navy, oshkosh, tks... and to my surprise they even sell calvinklein kiddies denim jacket!!! wow. harga pulak? most item selling from rm15 and above. errr i didn't ask the price for the cK denim jacket, takut demam! hehe

anyway, i grab 5 tees for my kids.

carters blue tee, carters yellow nitegown & tks romper for yaya

yaya suka motif handbags ni... eiii sooo girlie

talbot kids yellow tee & blue old navy tee for fahmi.
all the above were priced at rm15 each except for fahmi's old navy tee selling at rm20. it was an unplanned purchase but well they both in need of new clothes to replace their worn out baju siang. it was already quite sometime since i last bought them baju. if i recall correctly, the last purchases was during my mad f.o.s shopping spree sometime in august?


eiseai said...

i like fahmi's yellow top. didnt know ada stall selling baju there. next time "balik kampung", must go melawat :)

p/s how did you manage to get to PBD so far away but sesat to BJ & ikano yang so near.

SHIRAH said... add apa ?

Liasari said...

kuang kuang kuang ... syyyy jgnlah sebut psl ikano tu, malu lah? hihiii
btw nak pegi PBD tu sgttt senanggg... pejam mata dah smpi!

ezrina said...

Kak Lia..
lawa baju yaya yg ada gambar handbag tu...
comel..mmg girly...sesuai utk Yaya..

Liasari said...

erin, seswaiii sgtlah utk but tomboy tuh... mau koyak gown tu nnti hahaha
klu qistina maybe ye kot, sopan jer dia.