Sunday, 3 February 2008

Strawberry Jam, Wrecked Bike & Daun Selom

we started the morning with a light breakfast. i made chicken chop for lunch yesterday and went to McD for dinner, thus breaking my vow to follow a healthy diet, so i decided not to indulge in to hubby's request for pasta for breakfast. so we had white bread with homemade strawberry jam (which i made yesterday) this morning. fahmi had been asking me when i can make the jam for him as it has been quite sometime since i last made them. and that's all we had, well for the 3 of us (me, fahmi & yaya), hubby decided not to go along with my healthy diet plan and had a plate of blackpepper sausages, fried egg & bread. which he prepared himself as i refused to be held responsible later for his bulging tummy.

but later for lunch i put my hands up in a note of surrender when hubby indulge heartily in to two helpings of nasi & his favourite gulai ikan tongkol!

after having our breakfast, me and hubby went our for a 'site visit' .... ;-). we left the kids behind walaupun yaya meronta-ronta want to come with us. ku pujuk2, give them some chocolates (hee teruk mama ni!), i moved my car from the parking to make space for them riding their bicycles, they'd be occupied with their bicycle while we were out. but i didn't expect to come home later finding yaya's bicycle in the drain and fallen apart. for a second i thought the chocolates that i gave them earlier must have given them so much energy that they ride with a force sampai hancur basikal tu. errr... by the way itu kerja fahmi bukan kerja yaya. or maybe it's a hint that we should buy her a new bike. lagipun lately ni dia dah pandai kayuh bike abang.

this is the pokok ulam selom that i have been nurturing for 2 months now. penat jugak nak membesarkannya, lebih2 lagi bila ada 'orang' yang suka skip watering the plants, not only skipped watering them, but even lied to me when i asked about it. well, no point cakap pasal tu, the 'orang' no longer with us anyway. apapun aku dah buktikan that pokok selom ni boleh hidup dalam pasu. and who says ia hanya boleh hidup di kawasan berair je? and please sesapa yang tanam pokok ni, don't wait for the pokok to grow bigger baru nak makan ulamnya, coz i think ( i have to prove it first of course) it will grow bigger kalau kita petik pucuknya.


nOLie said...

erkkk tolong pos strawberry jam tuh sebotol kat bank negara molehhh??

Liasari said...

uiksss... postingku dah buat ibu mengidam ni teruja!
molehhh molehhh puan nolie... kita tukar suka sama suka dgn labuci baju ku nak? ;-)

SHIRAH said...

uiihh strawberry jam...ada utk di jual tak ? klu takde bagi ler sebotol..hehehe