Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Esok Hari Mengotakan Janji

yup... hari mengotakan janji to make spaghetti for hubby,
and to bring fahmi out for pizza! which i would very much like to escape, but he's been humming like a bird "jomla makan pizza..."
cannot stand his humming, so let's eat pizza tomorrow.
but mama paling tak suka pizza hut, so what i'll do is since i need to get myself a pair of new pants, i'll let hubby indulge in to fahmi's request while i go shopping with yaya.
that will settle everything, rite.
oh yeah, juga hari mengotakan janji for hubby for he promised fahmi that he'll buy fahmi a new school bag. his books are now bersusun atas printer in the computer room. that is sooo not proper.

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