Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Mama Jom Kita Pegi Makan Pizza!

yesterday, when i'm about to leave the office i received a call from fahmi, asking me if we can go out to eat pizza. btw, he didn't know how to dial my number, but hubby did using the house phone. for a second i thought he really did dial my number on his own, mama's dreaming! of course.

out of sudden he mentioned pizza and i'm surprise because we are not a big fan of pizza. pizza had never make it to our toplist. as i recall our last visit to domino's pizza, fahmi threw up segala isi perutnya sebaik saja selesai makan. berjelanak muntah dia atas meja & lantai. i was so embarrassed of the incident that i ban domino's or any other pizza restaurant from our list since then. and everytime we passed by the same outlet kat carrefour subang, me & hubby would exchange look & ketawa bila ingat balik. tobattt!!!

now, out of sudden dia nak makan pizza? this sudden craving for pizza must be triggered by the latest pizza hut commercial, must be that one coz he keep on mentioning 'ada ayam panggang'. hmmphh talk about advertising influence? inilah akibatnya kalau selalu biarkan anak tengok tv. nak dikasi tengok dvd jer, player pun dah berkarat. what to do? switch channel apapun ada advert kan.

this is what i'm afraid of, as my kids grow older (especially if they grew up watching telly like 12 hours a day) they'd become affected by the commercials. and they'd start asking mama & daddy to buy this and that. not to mention kadang2 ruang tamu jadi macam battle field bila we have to fight with the kids which channel to watch. yaya likes to watch dunia baru, puteri & kaisara... alah all the gedik2 series tu. cartoons tu dah semestinyalah, not that i object to their watching cartoons because what they watch are normally the educative blues clues, go diego go. except for power rangers, ultraman and all other rangers that i objected to but they watch anyway.

tapi bab tv commercials yang payah ni...

btw, have you read this today? pregnancy impairs memory, says australian study.


SHIRAH said...

sama ler ngan yaya..suka tgk dunia baru..next week nak tgk the movie plak..."she want to go with me tak ?" hehehe..yang penting jangan nagis laa

s2m3r said...

pregnancy?? mmmmm

azie said...

hehe..fahmi sama craving mcm auntie la...smalam crave for pizza..dpt dominos pizza..rasanya dominos lg sedap dari pizza hut..:D

Liasari said...

buleh sgtlah shida oittt klu ko sanggup bancuh susu & tukar diapers dia?

ila, heyy not me lah... just for reading jer

azi e,
yup ,no. 1 mestilah domino. klu pizza tu mekasih jelah hehee too malaysian taste. klu bleh nak yg authentic.

eiseai said...

wahahahha...too malaysian taste. betul...pizza hut too localised dah. dominos yg thin crust tu gak sedap :)