Thursday, 15 May 2008

So Long... farewell

my division organise a farewell party today. a despatcher cum admin clerk is leaving for greener pastures. i couldn't join the party because i had a visitor; during lunch hour! then i totally forgot about his last day until he sms me. apparently he'd been looking for me to bid his farewell but i wasn't at my place. this is the first time i feel deeply sadden when a staff leave the division/company. yeah, people come and go everyday. in my organisation recruitment and resignation rate is very high... hmmm that probably tells you something kan, but i'm not going to elaborate on it. yup, some can say that today you lost one despatcher tomorrow 10 orang datang mintak kerja. but can they all match up to this one leaving? no.

this young chap has been with the company for a long time. he has a clean record, honest, good working attitude and the kind of commitment that you don't expect from ordinary despatcher. there were times he chaffeured me to attend external meetings (see, he's multitasking). i saw some quality in him; his eagerness to learn new things & always willing to do extra work beyond his job scope. so i promoted him, put him under probation for office work. he welcome the offer and everything seems to be working. but i can sense that there's something amiss. then i heard he's leaving. apparently family commitment pushed him to do drastic changes in his life. i feel sad coz we are losing one honest employee and with his attitude he has the potential to go further; i feel sad because there's nothing much i can do to stop him not after the promotion that he recently had. i can't help it anymore. so i lost one good despatcher and a good friend today. i wish him good luck in his future endeavour. we'll still be friends anyway.

malam ni malam jumaat...apa sengih2? we(me & hubby) have a deal untuk khamis malam jumaat; i don't have to cook. yeay yeay...we eat out sebab takde reason nak eat in sebab kat tv takde program menarik!!! but i do cook sometimes kalau bosan makan kat luar malam jumaat. see, nama jer deal tapi i'm flexible.


eiseai said...

is this the co i almosttttt went for an interview at...hehehe

Liasari said...

hehehe mana lagi... ;-)