Thursday, 4 September 2008

4 Ramadhan 1429H - Award!

i am truly honoured that erin & nad; my two blogging friends think that this blog deserved an award. rasa nak buat speech ala2 azean irdawati je... lihatlah dunia...*lol*

but i still think that my blog ni simple and biasa2 aja. it was not aimed to please people, it was not created to draw readers (initially) but in case you stumble upon my blog while blog hopping you are welcome to read (one of the reason i didn't privatised the blog), share your thoughts and perhaps somewhere between the lines if there is mutual connection and understanding perhaps we can move towards friendship. thank you erin & nad and a big thank you to all my blogging friends, your words of encouragement keep me going.

at first i do not know what to blog about or why people create their blog. i started because i think it is an interesting medium to capture the highlights of my life and the 'downlights' too, well its real life we are talking about. i used to keep a diary (diaries) until i was about 18 or 19, but then i stopped because i was so busy enjoying my undergrad life. oh yes life was so happening back then, i regret for being ignorant of the existence of blog or else i would have started earlier. or perhaps blog does not exist back then?

so, i just let this blog capture moments of my life. at the moment as you can see it never escape to capture my interest/things that i found pleasure/i enjoy doing ; that is cooking. and i also blog depending on my mood. well, the number of entries per month speaks for itself; the higher means i'm highly in mood of writing... the lesser means either i'm just too absorb with something or i'm simply off mood.

you silent readers out there (if there is any), if you find this blog is an interesting read, thank you for dropping by & do come back. if you find something useful here i.e the recipes, feel free to try it out. it is about sharing and giving... i believe the more you give the more you get. i know i don't always paste the recipe here, that's because i don't want the blog to turn into a foodblog, i am an amateur in the kitchen. feel free to ask anyway.

oh i've said so much... ni dah over daripada kak yan... that's the privilege you enjoy when you have your own space! *lol* nobody's going to give you a cue to stop.

juadah berbuka today adalah lauk pauk tipikal melayu - asam pedas ikan senangin, baby kailan in oyster sauce dan pegedil kentang. all prepared by my maid... ;-P chef cuti masak today, esok baru chef take over dapur...heehehe

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