Friday, 5 September 2008

5 Ramadhan 1429H - Chicken Chop & Seri Kaya

tonite's entry will be very brief. so as our breaking fast menu tonite which was very simple and easy to make. we had chicken chop with potato wedges and salad. i made seri kaya the other nite, so that was our dessert.
don't ask me about drinks because for the past 5 days of breaking fast i didn't make any special drinks to go with our meal. kami minum air suam aja!!! which makes our breaking fast this year totally 100% unlike the previous years where we had loads of food fit to feed the king and we never failed beli minuman lazat2 i.e. bancau, cendol, air katira, air jagung etc. that shows how fortunate we are to be malaysian, syurga makanan.
i'm crossing my finger that this ramadhan's resolution akan tercapai. 25 days more to go... banyak lagi hari tu, jangan kantoi.
before i end tonite's entry let me just brief about seri kaya. seri kaya ni adalah dessert pantai timur kegemaranku since i was small. my mum selalu buat kuih ni untuk berbuka puasa. tapi sejak dah jadi isteri orang and living on my own, mum dah tak buat kuih ni lagi because satu2nya anak dia yang gemarkan kuih ni jarang balik berbuka. i opened up the fridge semalam nampak berderet telur ayam. i wanted to get rid of them before it became rotten, so i decided to make this kuih. so i called up my mum and ask for the recipe. sangat mudah resipi main agak2 je... ;-). well not bad for a first timer, eh?
by the way, our 6th anniversary is in 2 days' time. i still haven't decide what to cook for our special anniversary breaking fast.

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