Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Fahmi's once a week tutorial class at smart reader ended last saturday. that was his final class and he wont be coming back next year as the centre has ceased its operation. :-(

he is sad upon hearing the news as he wont be seeing his friends anymore. he did make friends with a few of his classmates. there were a few names that always pop ups in his conversation at home i.e. Faris, Haziq, Uzair & Nuha. now, he wont be seeing them anymore.

now, i am busy making a list of kindergarten where i can enrol him. initially i wanted to upgrade him to pre-school module at the same centre next year. it will be very convenient sebab dekat dengan rumah. but now, since it wont be operating anymore i had to quickly find him another place. *sigh*

there is another smart reader centre at subang 2. but for some reasons i have to drop it from my list. i have to also consider the fact that we will (insyaAllah) be moving out to our new house at alam budiman sometime in the 1st quarter next year. which means we have to choose diligently as not to incur double charges on the registration & hubby had earlier on agreed to send our children to little caliph when we moved to alam budiman; they've just started their operation there. but we cant just let him stay at home until we moved out to alam budiman can we? tambahan pulak he'll be 5 awal tahun depan.

which left us with the only alternative that is to enrol him at the little caliph branch di subang 2. it so happens that this centre operator is the same operator yang buka little caliph alam budiman. so nanti when we moved out tak payah bayar registration fee 2 kali, they can just do a transfer. alhamdulillah ... tak lalu aku nak spend dekat 1k for registration aja. muntah darah nanti dahlah dengan nak pindah rumahnya. yang bagusnya little caliph ada ajar menghafaz ayat2 al-Quran, belajar solat... pendek kata bukan setakat english based tapi Islamic juga. tu yang jadi tertarik sangat.

sounds like i've made up my mind kan? but why i haven't made my move? tulah pasal tengah pening dok fikir pasal transport coz subang 2 is like a few km away from my place sekarang ni dengan nak tempuh heavy traffic pagi2 lagi. i need to sort out his transporation arrangement. sayangnya the centre tak provide transport so kenalah sort out sendiri. kalau tak jawabnya fahmi seharian kena stay kat sana which means i have to pay more for daycare and tetap kena berkejar balik ambil anak lepas kerja. which i cant afford to do. hubby bolehlah tapi kalau dia kena outstation tak ke susah? macam mana pun i'd rather fix him a firm arrangement tak suka chaos dan tak suka dia rasa tak stabil.

so now, fahmi sort of dah settle. yaya pulak. mula2 ingat nak masukkan dia ke once a week tutorial class to replace fahmi but now semua dah jadi haywire kena re-arrange balik our plan including hers. sebenarnya for yaya lagi leceh, coz i don't want to enrol her for pre-school, not yet it will be too soon for her as she's going to be 4 next year. masalahnya apart from smart reader yang lain2 dekat sekitar rumahku ni takde offer short classes. hubby nak hantar ke tabika kemas tapi aku tak nak sebab nak yang english based. ni yang lagi double pening jadinya. melainkan kalau aku hantar dia ke tumble tots. yes that would be perfect dari segi jadual kelas dan english based tapi tiap2 sabtu kena ke subang parade... adoiiii shopping sakanlah jawabnya sementara tunggu kelas dia habis! huwaaaa pokai gini.

mommies, how do you sort out such situation?

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