Sunday, 4 January 2009

Advance Birthday Party

alhamdulillah... fahmi's advance birthday party went well. the kids enjoy the candle blowing, chocolate throwing bit, chasing for balloons and playing and rambling with themselves. while the adults enjoy the food while catching up on each others, exchanging stories/remarks on each others kids, laughing out aloud (and a lot). on other words, everyone enjoy the party in their own way.

as for me, well yeah eventhough planning and seeing thorugh the whole event can be tiresome but it worth it. yup lenguh kaki, sakit sendi sebab berdiri satu hari buat preparation for the food all came afterwards. but i'm glad that i organised this party.

what's with the tongue in the cheek?

the birthday cake... in the end the cake colour theme looks like the american flag with the blue, white and red except it's light blue i'm using. i've lost touch with colours and penat too

we took a lot of this pictures. me and all the ladies who had contributed to the success of this party. the guys were jealous of us coz i made up this ladies only photoshoot, in the end my brother wants to sneak in the pics but i makesure i erased him from all the photos!

i couldn't thank my maid (in purple) & my sister's maid (in green) enough for helping me out and in the kitchen sampai jam 12tgh mlm berkemas!

roast lamb, spaghetti with bolognaise sauce, potato salad to go with, barbequed chicken & prawn and my mum made her signature nasi minyak

the boys having fun in their own way... makan2!

the birthday boy were all smiles. since the birthday theme is 'spiderman' everyone wears spiderman cone hat

no gifts for the children to bring home tapi kutabur spongebob chocolate coin untuk direbut anak2 kecil.


SHIRAH said...

happy besday to you..fahmi
semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki. Jangan lupa...rajin2 belajar

Liasari said...

tenkiu auntie shida... bila giliran ko plak ye? ;-)

Liasari said...
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lemongrass said...

Hi Lia,
sorry for the belated birthday wish.My net had been so slow, hari ni baru laju best.

Happy birthday Fahmi. May you always be the apple of your parents'eyes :-).

Cantik lah Lia the spiderman cake, memang well worth the time you spent decorating it.

Liasari said...

thanks auntie LG... :-)
heee itu baru simple round cake decorated with spiderman face on it... klu buat butterfly cut out cake mcm u did for miss 5 agaknya 2 minggu nak siap kot? ;-)