Monday, 5 January 2009

First Day

today is fahmi's birthday and also his first day at school.
he is excited about going to school, much more when he knows we both (me & hubby) will be sending him off to school. with fahmi i don't have to worry about him crying and wailing when we left him at the school. he has develop a certain confidence level within him, something he derived from being exposed to school thing from early age. but i did help to break the ice. he was all quite and holding himself back a bit masa mula2 sampai kat school. i played the role to introduce him to another boy. coincidently this boy's name sama dengan his old friend from smartreader kids. instantly i saw fahmi's eyes bercahaya and you see the bond almost instantly.

i makesure he had his breakfast at home before we left to school. i didn't pack any snack for him coz the school will provide snacks for morning break.

comelkan uniform dia? he was all smiles today... which is a good sign.

i left him at the school for 3 hours and came back to fetch him at 12noon. tomorrow he'll be chaffeur by pak yob. we pay him to send and fetch him from school. i'll be going to work a little bit late tomorrow after sending him off on pak yob's van. hope everything is well with his school.


redrania said...

smart fahmi beruniform...da bujang...hehe

Liasari said...

tulah azie... kejap je rasa anak2 membesar. klu dulu byk bergantung pd kita, penat menjaga anak kecil x sama dgn penat melayan kerenah anak makin membesar kan? skrg ni dia pun dah pandai fikir sdri & sometimes b4 u know it u get urself in a heated arguement with them! pheww...