Saturday, 25 April 2009

Fahmi's Outing

this entry contains pics taken in the morning before fahmi left for the gathering at his school and before departure to bukit cerakah by bus.

wearing his PE attire complete with cap and his new white shoes, fahmi is all ready for the outing
saturdays are yaya's only school day but this morning it was fahmi's too. yaya normally leaves the house at around 8.15am for her class but this morning we decided to ship them altogether at 8.00am; dropping fahmi first, followed by yaya
i was told that the bus is supposed to have arrived at 8.15am but now is already 8.19am still no sign of the bus. and amazingly despite been told to gather at the school at 8am, still ada parents yang hantar anak at almost 8.30am!
the kids are anxious now. i was hoping that daripada buang masa menunggu bas begitu lama sebaik2nya the teachers should use take the opportunity to brief the children on safety measures, some pesanan, briefing on itinerary or at least buat activity to kill the time
the girl holding the banner is the tallest girl in fahmi's school. she's so cheeky, bila parents masing2 pegang camera to take some shots cepat2 dia tersenyum manis
finally, the bus arrived. so there goes fahmi with his outing.

he cameback home at almost 3pm dengan muka hitam legam dan comot. i supposed he was too tired he didn't even have the energy to talk about the outing. he went to bed very very early tonite. by 8pm he barely could open his eyes and he had to wash his face kononnya nak hilangkan mengantuk. by 8.45pm he's already in dreamland.

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