Friday, 24 April 2009

Fahmi's Pre-Outing

I've just put the kids to bed. both are asleep now. fahmi had difficulty to close his eyes. he was too excited about the outing tomorrow. he has been talking about nothing else but the outing for the whole week and we just cameback from buying him a new pair of white school shoes for the outing. i had to tepuk him and ask him to relax, he seems so tense sebab paksa diri untuk tidur. after about 15mins menyanyikan lagu2 zikir untuk tenangkan hati dia, he finally dozed off.

in the car on the way back from buying his new shoes, panjang lebar me & hubby sampaikan pesanan to him. we told him to listen to the teachers, stick together with his group, don't break up, don't go running in the bus, be good and the list goes on. and just to get him to understand the message i've been trying give, i even relate to an experience of mine. hoping he gets what i mean. i told him that masa kat sekolah dulu i used to go for outing/tour like his. i told him there was one occasion where i and a close friend of mine decided to break up from the group and find our own way out from the temple at batu caves. as we decided that there was not much attraction there, we went down the 200odd (i've totally forgotten the facts) steps. half way down the steps, this friend of mine who was ahead of me suddenly fell down berguling2 macam filem hindustan. i tried to chase her but the steps sangat kecil dan menakutkan aku. she finally stopped berguling when she hit the bottom of the steps. she had bruises on her knees, dahi and she was in a deep shocked that she shivers and she had to spent the rest of the tour resting in the bus. she became so weak she had to skipped school for a week. though nothing bad actually happen to me, i ended up feeling really really bad for what had happened to her.

when i finished my story telling, fahmi said "ngeri lah cerita mama. ada tak cerita yang tak mengerikan?" me & hubby actually laugh but we really hope he gets the message. be good and listen to the teachers and insyaAllah you'll be fine my dear boy.

hope he have a safe and pleasant trip and have a lot of fun at bukit cerakah. owhh he was so excited he thought he's not coming back but stay the night camping at bukit cerakah. yelah tu... :-) i'd like so much to join his trip sebab nak tengok reaksi dia & also to share the fun with him but unfortunate me, parents are not invited! owh well, tak dapat join outing fahmi pun takpelah. berpuashati ajalah dengan metrojaya warehouse sales trip tomorrow... hehehe

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SHIRAH said...

just to husband said Zaryna dapt baby boy...last 2 weeks
hehehhe tp aku blom gi lawat even umah dia dekat giler..