Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Card & A Cake

yesterday fahmi brought home a handmade mother's day card from school. last week on the last day of his school i was already wondering if he's going to bring back 'something' for me, but when he came back with nothing special in his bag, i thought the school was so ignorant of such occasion. rupa2nya the card came in 3 days after the actual occasion, which is OK for me daripada takde langsung. so this is the simple card that fahmi made at school.

cheeky yaya make fahmi blushed when she dubbed the card 'Surat Cinta' because of the big heart on the front. so sweet... i'm going to frame this. my first mother's day card from fahmi.
teacher's day is in 2 days time. last year fahmi presented a box of chocolate to his teacher intan at smart reader. but since i'm so into baking mood, i'm baking carrot cake for his teachers at tadika strawberry. frosting the cake with cream cheese icing all over was really a tough job. the combination of cream cheese, butter and icing sugar are not firm enough and does not hold together at the sides of the cake. it tends to drip, i had to leave it in the fridge before i proceed to the next decoration.

since 16mei falls on saturday which is a no school day, fahmi will bring this cake tomorrow instead.

yaya won't be missed out on this years' teacher's day. coz she'll bring some cuppies for her teacher Nurin at smart reader. so this year no ready made presents for their teachers. insyaAllah kalau mama masih terdaya *wink*


SHIRAH said...

waahh seronoknyer dapt card from son kan...

aku la ros said...

salam.. nak kenal leh tak kak?.. saya add akak.. ni add saya

aku la ros said...

hehehe..sorry link tu salah.. ni yang betul

Liasari said...

anak2 kan sumber kebahgiaan kita? mmg betul ckp org. ko x lama lg

hi ros, nama mcm adik ipar i hehe. ok kita xchange link. welkom.