Thursday, 21 May 2009

Of Late

I know I haven’t been writing that much of late. And if I did, it will be mostly about my baking project (passion) which seems to have blossom rapidly. I was trying to shun all thoughts and relieve the pressures of office work by getting myself fully and deeply (madly) into baking. While doing that, I become absorbed in my own world. Like Alice in her wonderland. As I said before, cooking and baking works as a therapy for me. Moreover when you are blessed with children like mine who never short for words of praise. And a husband who doesn’t know how to cook, for he would always appreciate my cooking’s.

Talking about children, Fahmi for the first time skipped school on Monday because he was down with high fever. We brought him to the clinic on Sunday, the doctor said he had swollen and reddish tonsils which explains his lack of appetite the day before and also explains his thirst for chilled water. The children was taught not to take chilled water, so at home they normally drink lukewarm water. Except on the occasional eat out treat they are allowed to have chilled juice.

Alhamdulillah, Fahmi religiously took all the medication prescribed by the doctor. He recovers speedily. The next day he’s all ready for school. The fever has gone but now replaced with flu, but it is not so bad. He shared them with his sister… who transmitted the bug to her mama. So now, I started to get sore throat and joint ache... and sometimes headache. So far, hubby has been spared.

These photos of Yaya taken on last Saturday evening before we left to Nilai, attending the birthday party that auntie Fiza throw for her son. Fahmi's body temperature has started to rise before we left.

The dress was a birthday gift from auntie Fiza. Yaya seems to have developed a fondness towards dresses and gowns which her mama fully supports ;-). Last month I bought two gowns for her, one as a birthday gift that I bought during jusco sales – it was so cheap, another was an expensive flower-girl-like gown in pink – it was so pretty I can’t help myself. Its like making my childhood dream comes true beacuse i was never dressed in gown when i was her age. My father hates me in gowns and he hated it when mom put up my hair into a pony tail. Does that explains my tomboyishness during my teenage years? well, maybe...

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