Saturday, 9 May 2009

Living Up To My Plans

horayy! i've finally live up to my own expectation and plans.
i managed to drag myself out of bed for a brief running this morning. i swear i was very discreet in my movements dalam gelap dalam bilik early this morning, thus i didn't expect my 2 kids to be disturb by my early rise sampaikan both of them nak ikut go running with mama. i talked yaya out of it coz she had to get ready for her saturday class. fahmi insisted he wants to come so i had no choice but to bring him along. the problem is he doesn't have a proper running shoes. so i just get him to wear his school shoes instead.

oh and as i suspected last night, the mak ciks & nyonyas from the tai chi group was there this morning. we managed to do 3 full round only, lepas tu berjalan keliling padang & taman perumahan. fahmi mula2 terasa kekok nak jogging and he merungut sakit kaki but after a while dia pulak yang seronok. he was sweating and i told him running and sweating is good for his body which he kept on telling yaya the same thing the whole day terutama bila dia ajak yaya berbasikal petang tadi.

hubby asked me betul ke today is mother's day? well, i don't know exactly which date but i know it's in the mid of may. well, i can't be bothered coz i was very busy with my baking project. had it not for the fact that hubby was at home today i wouldn't be taking any break from my baking to prepare a quick lunch, that is chicken pizza with loads and loads of shredded chicken meat, smoked turkey slice, chicken salami and beef pepperoni all in one go. because i was too busy today, i tried to coerce him into helping me preparing the dough. unfortunately usaha ku (or should i say usaha hubby) tidak berjaya. the dough turns into rock hard stone bukannya dough tepung! my goodness... kena aku jugaklah buat semuanya... tak boleh nak subcon any part of my work in the kitchen. sungguh keras tangan!

my meaty pizza, no mushroom, no capsicum the way i used to do. so i had to make do with all the meat and replaced capsicum with green chillies instead, kalau tak terasa pedas langsung kurang sedap pulak dengan tekak melayu hubby. owh the bbq sauce on top did wonders to my pizza... umm so yummy!

dinner malam nanti hubby ajak makan kat luar. i'm so grateful for his offer coz badan dah tak larat nak bekerja kat dapur lagi ;-)

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