Sunday, 10 May 2009

Plans For Today

see if i can live it up to another day packed with to-do list. i have to finish decorating my ben10 cake which gonna eat up most of my time today, i have to find time to go to my cousin's house at taman bunga negara to collect 'beleda' i.e agar2 kering kiriman my uncle last month - i feel like one terrible niece sebab tak cepat2 ambil beleda tu and in the mean time i also have to find time to go to the watch shop kat subang parade to get my watch repaired - rosak my watch hadiah mother's day 2 tahun lepas from hubby dikerjakan dek dua orang anakku yang mischievious ni.

both my kids were up early today. which means kerja2 decorating cake ku akan menjadi bertambah lembab sebab in between i'll be yelling and screaming to both of them yang tak serik-serik mengacau.

okay got to go now.

btw, Happy Mother's Day to all fabulous mothers out there.


s2m3r said...

Lia..nanti iLa tempah kek ben10 dari Lia buleh?? tuk fahim..huhuhu

Liasari said...

huhuhu... ila dah seram sejuk dah ni ketaq lutut. amboii fahim yg minat ben10 ke ummi dia? hehe :)