Monday, 11 May 2009

While I Was Busy

as i was busy with my baking project over the weekend, i didn't get to pay much attention to my kids. pity them coz eventhough mama not working on saturday, they still didn't get to spend time bermanja dengan mama. these photos shows how they deal with lack of my motherly attention...

saturday photos
with mama lack of attention, they divert their attention to nature, hence these pictures of pokok2 in our small yard

these were taken by kakak, whom i suspected were also suffering from boredom, photgraphing the kids who pretended that they were cameleon, seeking disguise dicelah2 pokok daun birah. or were they shooting for national geography trying to show us how large daun birah can grow sampai boleh buat selimut?

sunday photos... indoor photoshoot ;-P
the one in the photo were pretending she was in the America's Next Top Model run, while the one taking the shoot pretending he was nigel barker

all of these were taken by fahmi while i was busy giving final touch to the ben10 cake

the photographer being a photographer doesn't like when the model decides to play photographer instead...muka boring jer

in the end i had to confiscated the camera away because in the end they both were fighting like cat & dog over the camera


SHIRAH said...

amboi anak dara ..,pn Salwa :)

Liasari said...

minah tu perasan model...asyik terlentuk2 & melentik2 geli mata daddy dia klu nmpk.