Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pics of The Week

My 'Twin' Angels
both were born three days apart, yaya being 3 days' older than nana. but nana address herself as 'kakak' to yaya, because she was taller and bigger.
see the vast different in height between yaya & nana. haven't i mention my fears of yaya's development growth? owh i really shouldn't compare these two girls. it is unfair to yaya. nana has my bro's & his wife's genes - both were tall, while yaya - she sure inherits mine & hubby's dark complexion and perhaps she gets more than just complexion from hubby. she gets the small built from hubby's side. owh i've spoilt this entry by going on and on about height and all.

these pics were taken last saturday. we were at a wedding reception of our dear neighbour and close friend of my parents (the father of the bride being a policeman himself just like my dad, dulu) di seremban. yaya stole the limelight with her pink gown, one lady photographer swarm her, taking her pictures. she was wary of stranger or should i say irritated sebab dia baru je nak bermesraan dengan cousin2nya tetiba kena serang. hahaha


Puan nOLie said...

dah besar dah budak yaya nieh...emm...yaya budak cantik..jangan dengar cakap mummy tuh..dengki tauu ehheheh ...

Liasari said...

puan nolie,
yaya cantik pun macam mama dia jugak kan kan kan? kekeke