Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's Official!

on this date, i'm making it official that i am now seriously pursuing my baking passion by turning it in to a small home based business. as i told hubby few weeks ago, i'm utilising all the resource made available (as most of the machine and equipment were sponsored/a gift from him) to me to the maximum. and as i told him, none of the gifts or baking equipments & machine that he bought for me will be wasted. i'm proving (had proven) to him that his investment on me has not been wasted, indeed. so darling hubby, in the future do not hesitate to pour more $$$ on me... i'll relish and cherish and appreciate them, no doubt ;-) ;-) ;-).

so here i am, proud to present you... Just Cakes. like it namesake, i'm offering you freshly baked homemade cakes. i've started to take orders from close friends since last year but at the same time turning down quite a number of request from cyber friends. though baking has been my passion since childhood, i consider myself very 'green' in this baking business. there are many things that i need to consider before i finally decided to officially launch my homemade cakes.

i thank my husband who is my supporter, he is the force behind my launching this homebased business, my children who are my no.1 fan - they never short of praise, my maid who helped to clear all the mess afterwards without her i'll be in a mess, my friends and cyber friends for their endless support.

For the time being Just Cakes offers limited range of cakes. if you intent to place an order do visit my cake blog at the link on the right column (it's listed under blog list or alternatively click A Part-time Baker link).

i am eager to improve my products and wish to turn baking into a life long career, so your comments and advices is very much sought and most welcome. selamat mencuci mata, if not meleleh air liur! ;-P


lemongrass said...

Congratulations!!!!! Semoga your home baking business will continue to prosper and flourish. Bila nak bagi I sample all the delicious cakes? :-)

iswatie "colours of life" said...

Congratulations Kak Lia...

nih yg nak order nih but dah jauh dah umah.....huhuhuhuhuhu

eiseai said...


thanks for more (nearby) options. senang nak order nanti. insyaallah november nanti ada order from me. still deciding what to do first :)

Ami said...

congrats Lia!
hopefully boleh rase someday,especially your carrot cake hehe.

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

congrats kak .. all the best ;-)

Liasari said...

thank you all!!!

isyyy seganlah dgn org tu hari2 buat dessert yg sedap2, tgk choc cake dia pun dah buat i drool ;-).

samalah kita, kak lia tingin nak pi cooking class yg watie organise tu tapi jauh bangattt.

byk lg i nak kena blajar nih... segan nak ambil order org tuh ;-P

i nampak somebody from london terjah juzcakes malam mula2 i buat announcement. was it u? haa tunggu ami blk nanti ye.

thank you so much... kita org baru merangkak