Monday, 3 August 2009

So Pissed Off

today's the star online's headlines....
Two boys freed after judge denies request for remand

KUALA LUMPUR: Two underaged boys who were arrested for taking part in Saturday’s anti-ISA demonstration have been released after a magistrate refused to allow them to be remanded.

i'm not going to comment on the arrest of the two teenagers, i don't know them, i don't know what they were doing to account them being handcuffed like a criminal.

but i do think that perhaps out of the 526 people arrested during the anti-ISA demonstration, a large number could have been arrested secara membuta tuli - they were onlookers, they happened to be trapped in the situation, they happened to be passing by on the way to their exact destination, not because they were really 'into' the demonstration. tapi apa pun, the concept that the police adopt were apa2 hal cekup dulu cerita kemudian.

that's what happened to my brother on saturday. we (me, hubby & my parents) were on the way to the funeral of my uncle in hulu langat when we received a call from my brother informing us that he had been sprayed in the eyes with tear gas when he who happens to be riding a motorbike been stopped by the red light somewhere in the masjid jamek area. he told us that masa dia berhenti dekat traffic light secara tiba2polis datang sembur tear gas kat muka dia sampai mata dia pedih.

aku tak marah kalau benda tu terjadi sebab adik aku sengaja gatal join demonstration. aku tak marah kalau masa kejadian he was marching together with the group, it would be obvious that he asked for it. aku marah sebab pertama he was on his way to fetch his fiancee yang datang naik lrt nak pergi shopping. kedua, aku marah sebab my brother memang ada masalah mata - he has torn cornea at one eye yang telah dibedah & diganti tapi vision still blurry, never improved and at times masih sakit.

and this stupid moron police for the sake of memuaskan hati dan kehendak orang atasan, this stupid moron police zaman sekarang yang bermaharajalela bertindak atas blanket approval orang atasan telah mengambil kesempatan bertindak secara suka hati & suka-suka serta memBABI buta sembur tear gas pada sesiapa sahaja. at the end of the day, siapa yang lebih violence? the demonstrators or the police? tepuk dada tanyalah diri sendiri. lepas tu kalau ada orang complaint pasal unjustice arrest or attack by the police sure diaorang akan keluar statement yang bukan2 untuk cover kesilapan. kalau dekad yang kebelakangan ini masyarakat dah 0% trust kepada polis siapa yang kau nak persalahkan melainkan tunding jari kat batang hidung sendiri.

i was raised by a policeman. my father is a retired police. he was a good policeman, so does his friends, he wouldn't do something against his believes and ethics, polis2zaman dia dulu jauh beza dengan polis zaman sekarang. they were respected. he never teach us violence, he never teach us to rebel against the government, but he also never hide from us the existence of the bads behind the good ones.


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