Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Another Birthday Planning

I haven’t got around to decide on the venue for yaya’s birthday party this weekend. I'd like to gather her friends at our place on Saturday afternoon for a small party sans the parents. Yes only for the kids. Organize simple games for them to start with, followed by cake cutting and makan. Preparing food for the children will be easy, tak payahlah mama masak menu pelbagai, finger foods will do. Then afterwards, say 2 hours after that the parents can come and collect their children back home. Tapi boleh ke gitu? Ada ke mak bapak yang sanggup lepaskan anak2 below 6 years for 2 hours? Kalau ada yang sanggup sila angkat tangan. I don’t think so.

That’s why I come up with another option yang lebih realistic, that is to organize the party at her school. Owhhh aku belum call teacher dia lagi to ask for permission. Tapi bila difikirkan takkan dia menolak. Her birthday is going to be on Friday, setahu aku jadual dia on Friday a bit loose. Lagipun the school tak payah prepare food for that day coz all will be provided by us that already save their time and $$ kan? I’m actually doing them a favour hehehe. Permission belum dapat lagi tapi goodie bag dah siap hehe.

On Saturday pulak I plan to have a small and quite makan2 for the family. I know this time around many of my family members would not be able to come. Which is fair enough because kos nak datang ke sini bukannya sedikit walaupun tak jauh sangat – bukan setakat kos $$ tapi kos masa dan kerja shift. anyway they were here in late January so I understand if they couldn’t come. My sister tanya kenapa tak buat kat mum’s place je. I was thinking about having it there tapi nak transport the cake and furthermore aku tak nak gathering low key tiba2 jadi hi-key (if you know what I mean lah from past experience hehe). So we are having it here at my home.

Birthday girl tak kisah sangat kat mana nak buat party dia. Dia juga awal2 dah tolak offer mama nak belikan hadiah coz she said she can’t think of what she wants for her birthday! She said it is enough knowing that she will get loads of presents from her aunties and uncles and guests (if any ;-P). owhh isn’t she sweet? Harharhar…

oh ya btw, kerja2 membaiki jalan sudah siap petang tadi. insyaAllah esok pagi dah tak jam lagi dan tak perlulah aku keluar awal boleh tidur lama sikit hehehe.

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