Friday, 2 April 2010

My Princess Is 5!

my little princess turns 5 today.
she received special treatment today because of it's her birthday. i took the day off. we organised her 5th birthday at school. i dropped her to school today when on other days she took a ride on her teacher's car to and fro school. after i dropped her at school this morning, i quickly drove back home to collect the food and goodies for her party. nothing much really. i wanted to make fried bihun but teacher mimi said they'll prepare nasi goreng. so i supplied chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, fruits on bamboo skewer, goodies and cake of course.
hubby bought 3 packs of these really sweet and juicy korean strawberry from giant. i count more than 50 strawberries from 3 packs. that was like more than 15pcs per pack sold at rm10/pack! really cheap.
fruits on bamboo skewer
goodie bag for the children, they were 40 of them so i made extra
princess doll cake. she wants doll cake always for her birthday... so boring ;-P
it was very kind of the school to organise games and other fun activities to start off the party. it was very kind also of them for allowing us (me & hubby) to stay during the party. we left after the children sing happy birthday and cake cutting.cutting the cake. all her friends went "oohh" and "aah" by just looking at her cake. ;-)

afterwards, me & hubby sit in front of our pc watching a collection of videos of yaya from birth until now. we are amazed how tiny little bundle of joy with very little hair and tiny voice now turns to be a bubbly girl with piercing voice. how time flies.

and she got a new bike for her birthday that afternoon. hubby offered to buy her a pink bike but she wants red just like her abang's

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