Saturday, 3 April 2010

Quadruple Celebration

we had another birthday party today in seremban with my family. it was a join celebration for yaya and her cousins (my nieces) and my shy pet brother who is not in any of the pictures below.

remember the party that i plan to have in my house? nah... we shifted it to our (my ;-)) favourite restaurant in seremban instead. all my siblings turn up. so it was a family gathering.

eversince i started to bake, all my nieces and nephews wants me to bake their birthday cake. like this time around each of them wants to have their dream cake. but i only have two hands, so i bake a castle cake with their faces printed on edible icing and put them on the cake. they were happy to see their faces on the cake, so that solved my problem. haha...
yaya with her cousin, left in brown blouse and top wearing party hat with their castle pet bro not in the pic. the brown blouse worn by my niece, farah, was mine! i worn them when i was in my early twenties and was doing my industrial training. i'm surprised to see she can fits in to my blouse. and the skirt she wore was mine too! she worn them ankle length whereas i worn them knee length. that shows how tiny i was when i was young! *lol*
my boy fahmi was not well. he had fever due to infected tonsil. still when around his cousins he forgot he had fever and went all the way to have fun.
my mum and sister. i just realised all of us including me wore purple tudung! ;-)

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