Thursday, 29 July 2010

Another major milestone

Not mine, but being part of it. Alhamdulillah the second event which is another history marked by the company was successfully executed. I cannot help but jot down how the joy and merriment that I and everyone else feel during the internal event yesterday was very much in stark difference to the one where the first lady was in presence last week. It was an internal function without any dignitaries graced our event, yet close to 1000 employees gathered to witness the launching of our first ever vessel, self built on our land. Bagus juga takde dignitaries in this function, kalau tak tentu dia akan rasa tenggelam because believe me, being an outsider nobody would share the same euphoria that the rest of us felt yesterday.

I was on top of the tower platform, accompanying the second boss’s wife who officiated the launching by breaking a bottle of rosewater (in opposed to champagne breaking ceremony by the mat sallehs). Thereafter the excavator’s operator started to loosen its grip of the rope holding the vessel still. The vessel slowly glide on the floating tube and slowly but steadily slip in to the water. I get goosebumps watching the vessel slip, I was worried initially because it was our first time ever launching a vessel. But once the vessel had safely slip into the water rasa syukur, terharu dan gembira bercampur baur sampai menitiskan air mata. It was a very sweet and personal moment for each and everyone terutama yang pernah directly or indirectly involved in the shipbuilding. Perasaan masa tu tak boleh nak dibendung, you had to hug someone tak kira lah siapa (asal bukan berlainan jantina sudahlah). I hugged 2 person, saya tak peduli lah siapa tapi yang pasti perempuan. It is a pity I didn’t bring my camera, bagus juga tak bawa sebab saya kalau dah pegang kamera asyik snap photo & video tak berpeluang pula nak nikmati saat-saat indah itu. Alhamdulillah, the launching was smooth, syukur.

And afterwards everyone were served with food yang sedap2 belaka. Me and my colleague dok compare between the beef curry that I like most with dalca tulang that she likes most. Apapun, the beef curry is the best sebab terasa rempah ratus dia. What is it with me and beef curry nowadays?

Now the party is over, I have to get a grip dan focus kepada mencari my own direction.

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