Monday, 10 January 2011

Kari Laksa Suria

I'm not sure which category this dish fall into - the curry family or the laksa family. Because its ingredients has combination of both, I guess that's why the creator calls it Kari Laksa. And I couldn't agree more with him sebab kari laksa ni ada rasa pedas berempah - from the use of curry powder dan masam - from the blended torch ginger bud a.k.a bunga kantan, lah :-).

I got the recipe from a newspaper cutting 2 sundays ago. The dish is a popular dish at a cafe in Batu Caves, Selayang nearby the Selayang Stadium called Cafe Suria Station. I give it a try for our lunch on Sunday and hubby loves it so much he asked me to frozen the leftover kuah kari laksa sehingga dia balik dari outstation hujung minggu ini. Beriya-iya lah nak makan dengan chopstick nak dapatkan feel kopitiam gitu. Chopstick pun cheapskate punya, setakat chopstick buluh jenis disposable.

My only problem was that sukatan bahan-bahan tu saya pun tak tau lah whether it meant untuk sukatan seorang makan or sekeluarga. The amount of chicken broth and coconut milk use indicates 1 person measurement tapi bahan-bahan agak banyak, jadi produk akhir kuahnya terlalu pekat. Saya tambah sukatan chicken broth supaya lebih soupy and adjust bahan perasa accordingly. I cannot help to feel that the kuah will taste much better kalau ganti chicken broth with air rebusan udang atau jus kulit dan kepala udang. Reason being the recipe calls for the use of serbuk kari ikan. Serbuk kari ikan and chicken broth? It should be more of serbuk kari daging with chicken broth or serbuk kari ikan pair with shrimp broth, kan? Pepandai je. Well, I always believe in - cooking is all about adjusting to suit your own palate.

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