Tuesday, 24 July 2012

4 Ramadan 1433H - Award

Misi hari ini ialah - mari mengambil award ;-)
Dah lama tak dapat award ni tiba-tiba ditag oleh Dr Ayu, rasa terharu sangat.
Terima kasih Ayu.
Bolehlah hias blog saya yang kusam ini.
Owhhh tapi nak ambil award ada syarat-syaratnya. Haruslah menjawab soalan-soalan yang ditag. Nasiblah soalan-soalan ini takde skema pemarkahannya, kalau tak mak fail nok.

What is your favourite dessert?
Ummphh susahnya nak jawab. I love everything sweet coz I’m a sweet tooth remember. So kalau pergi makan buffet tu the first thing I’d do is hit the dessert counter first and mains last! Haha…
Emm macam tak menjawab soalan je… but honestly it is difficult to choose when u like them all!
Ok ok I like baklava, and sekarang ni I’m craving for Jalebi.

When you're upset, what do you do?
Seek solace in my bedroom. Walk for hours at the shopping complex. Write them down in my blog.

What was your favourite pet?
None. As I kid I used to like cats but am not allowed to have one sebab ada asthma. And reptiles just creeps me out. So I grew up not wanting one (pet). 

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
Both. Depending on the occasion or shall I say the weather or the body… hehe. Black takes a few inches of my body while white goes well with any tudung that I have dan senang nak match with my black and brown cardigans.

What is your biggest fear?

What is perfection to you?
Having everything goes as planned, of course.
For now, I'll settle for the bookshelves that I wanted so much right now so takde lagilah buku bersepah-sepah dalam rumah ni. And I can start mengemas. That will make my day so perfect I can smile from ear to ear. ;-)

What is your attitude mostly?
Sarcastic - that drives my other half crazy most of the times dia malas nak bercakap dengan saya. I’m a rigid person – kalau dah plan macam ni mesti jadi macam ni, mesti on time mesti begitu mesti begini kalau tak mak meroyan!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Books – novels. Bajus. Shoes. Tak caya check my cc statement mostly I splurge on these items. (*_^)

Now I would like to pass the award to :

Kepada siapa-siapa juga yang berminat! Malas nak tag sebab nampak semua orang sibuk. Ehhh jap jap... puan nolie kelihatan sangat rajin mengupdate blog kebelakangan ini so...

Puan Nolie
Puan Diana PCM

Silakan jangan malu-malu :-)

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