Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Poor Fahmi

fahmi was stung by a bee (hubby says tebuan) on his left feet. my poor boy was waiting for me searching for his slippers to be put on coz mama nak bawa fahmi mandi malam2 buta jam 10mlm kat bilik air atuk (my fil) located outside the house. i wasnt wearing my glasses, so when he screamed i cudnt see anything wrong except my instinct tells me he must have stepped on something lethal. he was not supposed to move around. i clearly told him to stay where he is while i look for his slippers, but obviously he had his own mind.

i grabbed him, carried him and run inside the house. by the time i put on my glasses hubby was already there, try to pull out sengat that pierce fahmi's feet. i cud clearly see the venom spreading into his veins... never seen anything like that before. i dunno what to do and did the first thing that came to my mind, rub some minyak gamat (purportedly boleh kurangkan bisa insect bites). after he calmed down, mandikan dia and put him to sleep, surprisingly he was fast asleep. so i thought that everything is going to be ok, but i was wrong.

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his feet was so hard macam tapak kasut, turned bluish with red spots

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the next day, his feet was badly swollen he cudnt even walk and he had fever. in the middle of the kenduri, i took him to the clinic... it was sunday and not many clinic open on sundays. alhamdulillah found one at a nearby town. the doctor gave him a jab, prescriptions to reduce the swollen. alhamdulillah yesterday, he was already running around chasing his sister.

next time, i wudnt delay taking him to the doc... teruknya aku!


eiseai said...

kesian nya fahmi. cant imagine the pain he went thru. kena gigit semut pun i jerit2 :D

where u guys going, buat passport tu? same here...service was bad at the immigration office. siap bergaduh2 kat the counter. one counter super busy, while others just sit back and watched the business. bukan nak tolong pun...

Liasari said...

eiseai: me feel bad b'coz of wht happened to him. bila dia kata "sakit mama..." i rasa teruk sgt.

fahmi kata nak naik train kena buat passport! hehehe... passport to nowhere. huhu tak mau ckp lagi takut x jadi... ;)

liza said...

kak lia..
bestlah lepask with fahmi.. mamat n i really cool! can be friend wif anybody.. i adore him.. an poor him for that bite!

I pun pernah kena kak lia.. mmg automatic become keras.. but i never went to doc.. just a tip to put urine on that bite.. utk buang bisa..

Liasari said...

hah liza biar betul... urine? sapa plak nak pee kat kaki dia nnti... heee

oh yes fahmi mmg cool klu mood dia baik... malam tu kat umah loveleen mmg dia selamba habis... senangnya mama n daddy dia nak melantak puas2! hahah