Monday, 2 July 2007

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

beauty is only skin-deep

“It means that you shouldn't care about what a person looks like because it's only the outside. If someone is really good looking and is a total jerk, do you think that you'd like that person? No way! If a person were ugly but super nice, would you like to hang out with that person? Probably, yes. Beauty is just the outside, and the inside is what counts!” - source, wikipedia

but for me outer beauty does count. alah bukannya aku nak cantik2 mana pun, cukuplah kalau my face is free from skin problem, spotless and supple. during my ‘younger days’ (huhu that does sounds as if I’m old) I have spotless, flawless, acne free skin. pelik ntah macam mana sejak dah beranak dua ni makin menjadi2 pulak acne, black head, white head, oily in the T-zone area while dry in the jawline & cheek. for some people maybe the flaw can be cover by make up but that’s not going to solve the problem right? plus I don’t wear make up. okay I do wear minimal make up, the usual must have lipstick and 2in1 sun block foundation stick.

I’ve tried many many skin care products, from the cheapest to the expensive ones… but none works on me. I wonder why? maybe I shud consult a certified dermatologist, but where? does anyone knows a good dermatologist in subang area? I never went to see a dermatologist before and never been to any beauty saloon in this vicinity. reason being I’ve not much spare time in my hectic schedule and such visit would take at least what? 2hrs? I saw a saloon dekat subang parade, well at least while waiting for fahmi’s class to finish I can drop by and let my face dibelai2… but I don’t know if this place is good. again if I go to any beauty saloon I’m sure they going to promote their skin care products right? I’m so sick of hopping from one product to another.

recommendations anyone?

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