Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Weight Issue

I’ve been consuming herbalife formulas for one and a half month now (excluding the days that I missed taking them). I take it regularly on weekdays; twice daily for breakfast and lunch, rest on weekends. people who know me would ask why I take herbalife when I have succeeded in losing weight without taking any pills or supplement before? let see how things have changed.

while colleagues at the office awed at my transformation from XL to M, they don’t believe that I didn’t take or consume any of the slimming pills, or herbs abundant in the market to be back in shape. until now after two years plus they still want to believe that I’d done something to my body, I’d taken something or else I wouldn’t be back in shape. how very shallow human brain sometimes. they don’t believe in the power of controlling your own mind to be able to control your desire, your body.

that’s exactly what I did when I first started to lose weight. I combat the urge/crave to eat continuously. the fact that I was nursing yaya at that time didn’t do much help. everytime after expressing milk or nurse her I’d felt the urge to eat.

but I was adamant that there is nothing in this world could help me to lose weight but myself. mind you, I’ve tried slimming pills after fahmi was born, despite having taken the pills and cutting down my food intake nothing happen. Alhamdulillah, the time with yaya, I manage to see the results in 6months and I continuosly lose weight until she is one and a half. I was ecstatically happy when I hit 54kgs. Maintain at that spot for months, lose some more when I had my tonsils remove and had to be on soft diet or I call it as ‘confinement’ period. but after that I stopped losing weight and now in total I’ve gain three kilos. I felt like a cow at 57kgs. I’ve been eating like a cow; eat whatever I crave and cannot touch during my ‘confinement’. Serve my self right.

I can start to watch my diet again, and combat the desire to eat like I did before. I’ve succeeded once right, should be no problem to do it again. But there’s the problem. Ever since I’ve started with the new post at the office, I need to do a lot of thinking, running here and there because all the divisions/department I’m overseeing is scattered all over the building. Before I can skip taking breakfast or lunch without experiencing any effect on my brain let alone my stomach. But now, I’d be feeling dizzy and my stomach would churn if I didn’t feed myself something.

So I decided to take herbalife as a supplement. Since it can also be consume for those who want to lose weight, I guess I’d be lucky if I can shed a kilo or two while taking it. The person who introduced me to herbalife assured me that I’d have no problem to shed 3 kilos in the 1st month consumption. eh, now there is a problem. I’ve pass the 1 month timeframe and still not losing any kilos… except I’ve notice my abs is slightly flatten and so does my bosom! darn it i’m losing fat at the wrong places! tak boleh jadi ni…

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