Friday, 24 August 2007

What Would I Do This Weekend?

hubby had a very busy schedule this weekend starting from tomorrow, leaving me and the kids with nothing to do. he'd be leaving to johor tonite, attending to the necessities for a 2-days worksyop for the secondary students which he organised together with his long time buddy.

i'm a bit unhappy that he had chosen the dates without considering that it will be my off day from work. which means we could have quality time together with the children. ughhh i'm too clingy kan? with an ever busy schedule on weekdays, who wouldn't be. okay enough and grow up big girl :-P

so tomorrow i'd be sending fahmi for his last TT class. i'm not sure about the arrangements thereafter, despite whatever plannings i've drawn up, i haven't made any visit to the nursery or smart reader centre yet. mama fahmi ni pandai planning jer, bab execution tu hancus! kehkehkeh...

afterwards, i plan to take my children to their grandma's home. we'd stay overnight there, and let the children run loose sambil tu mama boleh lah catch up with some more shopping. uhhh it makes me sounds like a terrible mother. but honestly, kalau nak bershopping, biarlah all by lonesome self, habis semua section boleh cover in 3 hours. if i bring yaya along (only yaya) would that make me sounds less terrible? ha...ha...ha...

i still haven't forget that we have a birthday bash invitation by azie. thousand apologies to azie & co, we might not be able to turn up, faham2 jelah berdua dengan hubby pun kami sesat jalan, apatah lagi me alone driving. nak sangat pergi, maybe next time ye.

and another invitation for a wedding reception adik rosyam nor, dekat jer seberang jalan di subang. this one also i'm not sure i'd be able to go, not without hubby. tengoklah dulu.

so that's it. i hate to leave my house for the weekend, but with hubby not around i'm afraid i'd slipped into boredom.

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